Thursday, September 29, 2011

On to the next project

Forgive the terrible cell phone picture. Also forgive my ridiculous face. And I am wearing clothes under that, I promise.

Okay y'all! The next sewing project has begun! Can you guess what it is? (Mom, don't spill the beans!) I'm going to keep it a secret until it's done. Or try to. I'm absolutely no good at keeping secrets. Anywho, this is the first piece! Little big huh?

Outside of the sewing world, Brendon had his first test yesterday. First of many. Wish him luck, apparently it's pretty rough from here until the end of the semester. I wish I could study for him! Counting down the days until Christmas break. So far time is going by pretty quickly, I can't believe it's almost October! Favorite time of the year! Here come the holidays! I'll bust out the Halloween decor in the next couple days. The Hogan residence is about to get spooky.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dirndl Part 3 - the final chapter

It is done and I can hear the Alps calling my name. Finished this baby up Monday night. It was definitely a challenge, and I thought about burning that pattern at one point, but I kept telling myself; if Maria could make seven sets of play clothes out of curtains for the von Trapp children, I can make one little dress. To say that it took over my weekend would be an understatement. I wish I had drawn it out a little longer, now I need a new project!


No doubt about it, this was the most complex thing I've ever sewn. It really wouldn't have been that bad if the directions were written in some sort of comprehensible manner, but I spent half the time trying to decipher their meaning and half the time sewing. Eventually it got to the point where I said screw it, I'm just going to guess and do it how I think it should be done. But it definitely was a lot of fun to make and a learning experience for sure. I learned about princess seams, neatening allowances, how to gather, and look at that piping! And those buttons! And that lace! The top part of the bodice is my crowning achievement in sewing so far.

 I apologize for looking like a goon, I just naturally excel at looking awkward. Check out my shoes! It's those vintage babies I found, perfect for my little German outfit.

I took artistic liberty and added lace to the bottom of the dress, because the girlier the better in my book.

 Of course the cats were jealous and wanted to get in on the modeling action. Doesn't she look thrilled? I really wanted to hold a beer stein or some sausage links, but alas, we were fresh out of both. Cats will do.

Greg trying to beat me up and a shot of the dress minus the apron. I prefer it without. The apron is kinda bulky and a tad too wide for me. Unfortunately the smallest the pattern size went was a 38 and I'm about a 35 so I had to take the whole thing in a bit. The apron is still a little too big, but that's fixable!

There are a few things I'd change if I did it again. The white fabric I chose for the blouse and apron is really thick and stiff. I would definitely go with something much thinner and softer, maybe even gauzy. I also don't like the way they handled the neckline, I would alter that a bit. There's bias tape around it that I think just looks awkward. Although the lace on the sleeves is really pretty, I'll give them that.

A big thanks to Mr. H for taking pictures and for being supportive in my latest creative endeavor. The poor man had to listen to me talk about a dress nonstop for like 4 days, gotta give him credit.

Also, Kristy this is for you! This is my little sewing machine! It's simple enough to not be scary but it has been able to handle everything I've thrown at it so far. I have no idea what's on the market right now as sewing machines go, but something like this would probably be a great starter machine. It's super easy to use and pretty tough, it once fell from the top of the closet (thanks cats) and survived. I have no need for anything fancier yet, but we'll see.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dirndl Part 2

Well. The dress has taken over my life. I even had dreams about it last night. It's about 70% done. I hit a couple speed bumps today; I forgot to buy buttons and I bought the wrong kind of lace. I misinterpreted the terrible excuse for the materials list and got scalloped lace instead of lace edging. Maybe if there was an actual list instead of pictures with metric measurements next to them I would have gotten it right.

But on the bright side, even though I am lacking buttons I taught myself how to make button holes tonight! I figured I better do a test run before I try it out on the dress.

Yes, that is a button hole. Control your jealousy, it was more my machine than me. I've called my sewing machine all kinds of nasty things in the past few days, but I was seriously impressed with this. Sewing mysteries revealed; there is a setting for button holes! Sewing machines are fantastic. Thank you again Mom for teaching me how to use one of these bad boys.

Tomorrow, after a quick trip to the store, buttons and lace go on and hopefully I will finish the dress! Then what will I do with my life?

In other news, nothing. Same old, same old. Pharmacy school is king here at the Hogan household. Can't wait for Christmas break. And for May of 2015.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dirndl Part 1

Okay people. As discussed, I have a problem. I am obsessive when it comes to projects. I get an idea into my head and it becomes all I can think about and I absolutely have to make it happen.

So (read last post), I'm making a dirndl (I have no idea how to pronounce that), and I bought a pattern online last night. This pattern actually. You buy it online and print it out on your own either with your personal printer or at a copy shop. I did mine at home. Can I just stop here for a moment and say I do believe I have bitten off far more with this dress than I can chew? Or sew? Continuing on, I thought this print-your-pattern-at-home thing was genius! Until I downloaded it and saw that it was 56 pages. That you have to tape together. It took me over an hour just to put it all together. An hour and three different types of tape.

This is the finished product. It was way bigger than me. So ridiculous, there wasn't even enough floor space in the apartment to spread the whole thing out. It was a monstrosity. After I cut the pattern pieces out, that part was easy, and it looked a lot less daunting. Until I started to read the directions and saw that the majority of the measurements were metric and there are a few words in German. BUT, I have muscled through so far and purchased my fabric which I am about to start cutting. And then I'll have to sew this bad boy together. And that is the reeeeeally hard part. There is piping involved. And gathering. And buttons. Wish me luck.

Stay tuned for more on this ridiculous adventure in German dress creating as I progress. Or a post about how I hate sewing and will never do it again.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Comal County Fair

Yesterday Brendon and our momma's ventured on out to the ol' Comal County Fair. It had been a good 5 years since we'd been. I used to go every year when I was younger (Brendon too. Actually everyone did if you grew up in New Braunfels. You weren't cool if you didn't.) so it was neat to go back. Half of the exhibits weren't open yet so that was a bummer but we had a lot of fun anyways! We saw some little munchkins polka dance (everything is always German in NB), checked out the animals, played some games, ate some fried food, people watched (they are always interesting characters at the fair), and rode the ferris wheel.

These roosters were TINY. Like 8 inches tall. They were the size of pigeons, SO CUTE.

Fancy feathers! They had some of the craziest hair-dos.

I apologize for how washed out this is but it's a good picture of us ladies other than that. (After looking through these pictures, I realize that giving Brendon control of the camera for the night maybe wasn't a good idea. We both need a photo class.)

Baby chicks!!! So soft. They were ridiculously cute.

The view from the top! Brendon's mom treated us to a ride on the ferris wheel! I there are few rides I'll brave, but this I could handle.

Brendon frustrates me endlessly. He refuses to make a decent face for pictures! He always looks so grumpy. But still cute. 

My mom trying her hand at a game (that was totally rigged and impossible to win) with us. The prizes for this game included iguanas and parakeets! How pissed do you think parents are when their kids come home from the fair with a new pet?

Brendon throwing darts.  He won me a pretty pink stuffed froggy! 

It was a very relaxing and fun night. And as always, we ran into people we knew and hadn't seen in years. New Braunfels is such a small town, you can't go anywhere without running into someone you know.

I'm looking forward to Wurstfest in a couple months. We will finally be able to enjoy it as "legal" adults, and at a German festival in a German town, bier is king. I'm thinking we need to dress up in lederhosen and drindl, as many New Braunfels Germans do! And I can pretend we're in the Sound of Music (we can also pretend it's an Austrian festival...)! Maybe if I get crafty/brave I'll make us some German gear. But knowing me, and Brendon's disapproval of crafts that are not free, it wont happen. We will also finally be able to go to Wassailfest this Decemeber! Yay for being able to do all the things we were too far away to do before in Denton! And yay for the fall bringing so many wonderful things!

Banana Bread

It's that time of the year again. Banana bread time! Yet another wonderful part of this upcoming season is the yummy food items that come with it. It's doesn't feel like it, it's still incredibly hot outside, but tomorrow is officially the first day of fall. Brendon needed something for a pharmacy group bake sale so I decided to make my banana bread. And thus was born another food blog post! I'm going to share this super easy but crazy yummy recipe with you guys. I've been using it for a few years now and I swear by it. Not sure where I found it, probably a blog or website somewhere, so if you recognize it let me know and I'll give the creator credit, because it is genius!

Here's whatcha need:

 (not pictured baking soda, and a greased and floured bread pan)

3 whole ripe bananas (and seriously RIPE, they need to be soft. I've made it with bananas that were a tad green and it's not nearly as good.)
1 stick of butter - softened
1 cup of granulated sugar (already got a stick of butter and a cup of sugar, you know it's going to be good.)
1 cup of flour
1 egg
3/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp nutmeg
Greased and floured bread pan

You could totally add some nuts if you'd like. I like my banana bread pretty simple and not crunchy so I leave them out.

Now here's what you do:

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and grease and flour your pan. Then mash up the bananas.

Now add all the other ingredients and mix together.

Pour it into the pan and bake for 1 hour. And let me tell you, this is going to make your kitchen and surrounding rooms smell amazing. It made our whole apartment smell divine. Your mouth is going to water. 

Once you're hour's up, take your bread out, let it cool for a bit, and enjoy!

Try not to eat it all at once. It was rough having to give all this away. I foresee another batch being baked in the near future.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crafty Greg

Greg sporting a new collar, aka, the fabric "O" of HOGAN. Don't ask me what I'm going to do with these letters because I don't know. Planning is for the birds.

The cats like to be where we are. So naturally (because I am the crazy cat lady in training) I have two cat beds on my desks so they can chill with me when I'm on my computer or working on a project. Greg has been snoozing behind my sewing machine lately. I figured Greg, being the weenie he is, would be scared of the sewing machine and the noise it makes, but nope. It doesn't bother him in the least. He sleeps right through it, fabric piling up on top of him, all while looking adorable. We were talking last night, while he was meowing screaming at the top of his lungs outside the shower while I was showering, about how he may have not made it this far in our family if he weren't so cute. He's so bad sometimes! Getting into all kinds of crap, clawing at the couch, screaming for no reason, getting into and hanging out in cabinets, jumping on us with claws out... but he's so damn cute it's impossible to be upset with him, those blue eyes are absolutely ridiculous. And it doesn't hurt that he's the sweetest and most affectionate feline on the planet.

Sweet sleepy Greg and a scary looking shot of the sewing machine. Looks pretty evil huh?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fixin' this place up

Hello y'all! How was your weekend? Mine was great! It rained (sprinkled), I got lots of time with Mr. H, and I finally started making our apartment look more like a home and less like a giant dorm room. I think for a while I was kind of in denial about living here long term and refused to decorate. But I am over it! Kind of.

Hung up some pictures all crazy style, no measuring involved. And for me that's a feat, because when it comes to hanging things I'm usually pretty neurotic. We just have this ridiculous long wall in our living room and I needed something to take up a lot of it. So I hung every picture we have with a black frame. Super creative, I know. Brendon had been giving me crap about not hanging pictures (they were all still packed up) so BOOYA. Two birds with one stone. This covers about half of the giant wall, no clue what we'll do with the other half.

Aaaand I made a table runner for our huge coffee table!

Isn't this the prettiest fabric? Plaid is pretty much my favorite color. Jk, it's blue. But seriously I love plaid. Hipsters may have tried to kill it, but I will always be loyal. So anyway, I was at Joann's, which is a dangerous place for me, and I was walking up to the register with this other cheapo plaid fabric in my arms, when I saw this fabric and it said to me, "Marie, put that crap down and come get serious with me. I'm beautiful." And of course I grabbed it. I think it's the kind of fabric you reupholster chairs with. It's fancy. So fancy that it broke the needle on my sewing machine and it scared me so bad I almost peed my pants. Lesson learned, there are different sized needles for different thicknesses of fabric. I justified the splurge on the fact that not only are they fall colors, but also Christmas colors, and I'm thinking we'll just end up using it year round. Brendon did not see my logic. Whatever.

We also got a new bookshelf! Our movies finally filled up our previous one and we lost our other bookshelf in the move (don't buy bookshelves from walmart, they're about as sturdy as copier paper) so we headed on up to ikea to get another to match. What's that? You noticed there are a couple shelves missing? That's because ikea is the antichrist. They are always magically out of what we go there for. That shelf only comes with four shelves (which is moronic) so we needed to buy an extra two which is no biggie because they're only 5 bucks. But of course! They are completely out of those shelves in black/brown. And to order them online would cost $23 for shipping alone. SERIOUSLY? $23 for two $5 shelves? I'm assuming they're coming straight from Sweden and are wrapped gold. We had the same experience with that coffee table up there. It took us three trips to ikea before it was in stock. The second trip we checked online and it definitely said they were in stock so we trek over and NOPE. Not there. This would not be a big deal except ikea is always a good half hour drive both from our old place in Denton and us now. NOT CONVENIENT. Okay, sorry about all that, I really do like ikea. A little. END IKEA RANT.

And for your (my) enjoyment, here is a picture of my sweet man studying for pharmacy school. Obviously he loves having his picture taken. He sent me a text today that said, "I can't wait to have you bug me while I study tonight". Worst wife of the year award goes toooooooo.....

Friday, September 16, 2011

Greg love

I downloaded the blogger app so prepare yourselves for blog posts on the fly. As if I didn't blog enough, now I can blog anywhere. Lucky you, dear readers. Even more of my nonsense.

Also, Greg is a sweetie pie!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pyrex and blood

DANG look at these beauties! I snagged both of these today. We were picking up take out at this Chinese place near us (so classy, I know), and there's a thrift store next door so I ran in to check if there was any potential pyrex steals. I had been there before and they didn't have anything so I wasn't optimistic, but these two babies were there waiting for me! Brendon actually spotted them first, I was so proud. Two big ol' casserole dishes with lids! Woodland and Autumn Harvest patterns which are perfect for fall! It was a match made in heaven. Too bad I'm not cooking for Thanksgiving this year, I'd totally utilize the hell out of these.

I went to the doctor again yesterday and they stole some blood from me. I can't handle needles or blood. At all. Every time I tell myself that I'm not going to be a weenie but I always lose my cool. I freaked out the poor phlebotomist (such a fancy word), she kept asking if I was going to be okay. It's just such a terrible feeling, I feel like I can't breathe, I'm going to pass out/combust into a million pieces, and I want to run for my life. Plus I learned this time that I go pale which Brendon said is why the lady was freaking out. It's totally embarrassing, I'm such a wuss. But I got this cool thing on my arm that looked like I donated blood. Psyche! The only way I'd be able to donate blood is if I were unconscious.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The feast

Tonight, for no reason at all, we made a little feast. When we were talking about what to have for dinner I actually was saying that I was super tired and just wanted to make something quick and easy so I have no idea how we ended up making all this food. And it was all from scratch, because we are that awesome and culinary geniuses. Not really.

Obviously we were keeping it super classy by sippin' on some lone star.

The homemade mashed potatoes were my favorite part. They were suuuuuper yummy. We've been making them from scratch lately and I kept forgetting to put milk in them. Today I remembered and they were exponentially better. We also had boiled carrots and kale chips. I'd been seeing kale chips all over the blog world and my friend Kristy recently made some so I figured we ought to try them out. I was a little skeptical at first because kale looks a whole lot like lettuce and I really really really don't like lettuce. But they turned out alright, and some pieces were pretty good. I think we may have over salted them and some of them were a tad undercooked and still tasted kale-y which is super bitter or as Brendon said, "harsh". But I'd try them again! Kale is very good for you and they had a nice crunch to them. The lamest item of our dinner was the lemon chicken. I don't really care for chicken, or much meat at all actually, so I just kinda threw some lemon pepper on them and called it a day. But it was still pretty good! Brendon whacked the heck out of them with one of those tenderizing hammers (I'm sure there's a proper name for them) so they were nice and tender.

Allowing me to take a picture. Don't judge our decor-less apartment.

I usually cook solo (by choice) but it was nice to have Brendon in the kitchen tonight. Even though he mainly just complained about how much of a mess I was making and cleaned up after me. Just kidding! Kinda. Regardless, any time I get with my man is nice no matter what we're doing. He's in study mode now so he's dead to the world. Pooooor little nerd. And I am seriously thinking of going to bed soon because I am actually a 85 year old in a 23 year old's body.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday AJ!

 Yesterday was my little brother-in-law's 10th birthday! Congrats Mr. AJ, you're into the double digits! I can't believe he's TEN. When Brendon and I first started dating he was only 4 years old! He's grown up into such a sweet and handsome young man. I seriously think he might beat his brother out on height, he's going to be tall.

AJ had the coolest birthday party ever. He had it at Jellystone Park (like Yogi bear-ed out) out in Canyon Lake. It was a pretty cool place! They have a game room, a bounce pad, pools, a playground, these peddle go-cart things, and lots of space to run around. I'm pretty sure everyone had a blast, including the adults! It was a refreshing little escape from life and wonderful to hang out with family for a day. 

 Cutest brothers ever.

 Hangin' out with Yogi

Riding around on the peddle carts! Those things were pretty neat, but a lot of work to get up hills when you're as lazy as I am. Brendon and I rode around on a two-seater and he definitely did the brunt of the peddling.

It was really a great day and we were sad to have to head back to Austin and real life. I'm ready for Brendon to be on Christmas break. Pharmacy school is rough! Brendon is working so hard, I feel like he never gets a chance to relax. On top of studying like crazy constantly there's always extra things he has to go do for school. He'll be at school from 9-6:30 and then he comes home, I force him to eat dinner, and then he studies until who knows when (I'm a weenie and go to bed before he does).  And then he works on the weekends! I think he's going to start only working one day a weekend every other weekend so he'll have a day off to breathe. I wish I could help him out! Unfortunately all I really do is distract him. Poo on you pharmacy school, you better go by quickly. I miss hanging out with my husband. BUT, it will be worth it and four years from now we'll be laughing about these days and how ridiculous they were and how glad we are that we got through them. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

You win this round, City of Austin.

Well, I got my first parking ticket. I, actually Brendon and I, parked in a obviously marked no parking zone (I swear we didn't see the sign) because two cars (which Brendon parallel parked beautifully between) were already parked there, so we thought it was cool. NOPE. It's hard to be observant in the wee hours of the morning. 30 bones to the city. Could be worse, I'm just glad I didn't get towed.

One of the things I really can't stand about city life is the parking situation. It's not bad everywhere, mainly just central Austin were I work and Brendon goes to school, of course. Free parking is hard to find and if it's available it's usually on side streets where there are a gazillion rules, very few spots, and being able to parallel park (which I am terrible at) is a requirement. Parking garages/paid lots are the alternative but they are ridiculous. But I've only had to pay to park once, $12 down the drain, and I plan on continuing to park for free, legally (I WILL pay more attention to signs), regardless if I have to walk 15 blocks to work. So you can suck it, City of Austin. This will be the only parking fine you get out of me. Hopefully.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The bangs are back

 Before and after!  

First of all I want to apologize for looking like a grumpy cow in both of these. I swear I smile in real life. And obviously the hand on the hip thing is my go-to for mirror shots, although I'm not sure how well that's working for me. Just tryin' to keep it classy y'all. I decided it was time to bring back the bangs for fall. I got my hair cut at this place in NB called ProdEdgy Salon, which is a training salon for the fancy pants William Edge salon. This place was legit! Head and neck massage, wash, cut, and style for $27 and you're not allowed to tip (I had a hard time with that part, I wanted to tip but they said no). The lady who did my hair was so sweet and did such a great job, she even touched up my makeup for me after. Very awesome. This is the straightest my hair has been in months, and probably the best it will look for a while. I'm so lazy when it comes to my hair. Actually I'm lazy about everything.

After getting my hair cut I had lunch with my mama at China Kitchen. If you're from NB, you know what's up. Yum. Then I hit up a couple thrift stores in NB searching for pyrex but I had no luck. On my way back to Austin I stopped and visited my sister and her boyfriend at her place in San Marcos. They have a snake! I freaked out about it at first but it's actually a pretty chill snake. She had it around her neck at one point, that chick's brave. It was kinda weird but kinda cool. And a little bit cute. I touched it like twice.

The snake!

Once I got back into Austin I hit up another thrift store and this time had some luck! I found a nice piece of pyrex and this cool silver bowl I'm going to use to put on my night stand to keep jewelry and other random objects in. I got both of these for $7.50!

 Snowflakes! So cute! And it's in great condition!

I had to scrub this bad boy down a bunch, it was tarnished as hell. Now it's nice and shiny!

And that my dears, was my day off so far in a nutshell. I'm about to go pick up the husband from school and then we'll have some dinner. It's been a pretty dang good day off if you ask me!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day, laborers!

Hope you have a lovely 9-5 Mon-Fri job and got to chill out today or do something outdoorsy in this absolutely divine weather. I had to work today, at 5:30am, but I sure don't mind that time and a half.

Burns. They keep happening to me.

Recently, I have been burning myself on various things like crazy. I'm pretty accident prone as it is, but this is getting excessive. This recent burn is from the edge of a cookie sheet that I somehow managed to touch with my arm. Last week I burned one hand with the espresso machine and poured freshly steamed milk over the other hand. A few weeks ago I burned my arm on the top of the oven while taking something out, and a week or so before that I burned my inner arm on a pie pan. What's wrong with me? (a lot.)

Now let's talk about this fantastic weather. It feels aaaamazing outside today. Yesterday we had some killer winds blow in some cooler weather, thank goodness. My walk to work this morning was actually a little chilly, granted it was like 5am and still dark. I spent my lunch break today sitting outside soaking in the sun and enjoying the breeze. And listening to the UT tower play the fight song (Brendon told me that there's an old man that actually plays the bells up there and has been doing so for decades. I don't know if it's true but every time I hear the bells I like to imagine he's up there playing). It's 87 degrees right now with a cool breeze, such a dramatic change from stuffy 106. Thank you September for bringing cooler weather our way. And thank you Texas for giving us this beautiful pre-fall day after a hellish summer, you owe us. Thus begins my favorite time of the year! I LOVE YOU FALL.

I tried to take a picture of the trees outside our apartment blowing around yesterday, trees blowing in the wind creates the most wonderful background noise, but this really doesn't do it justice. At all. I'm still very new to taking pictures in manual mode, but slowly I'm learning. Should have taken a photo class in college.

Yesterday my momma came up and spent the day with me, it was awesome! We had lunch, hung out on the couch with the cats, went to see the Help (so good), and then we made this feast:

 See my little pyrex baby holding our garlic bread? Put that bad boy to use.

My mom has some serious skills in the kitchen. I steal all her recipes but they always taste better when she makes them. Must be those mom-powers. I'm looking at this picture and seriously considering tackling some of those leftovers we've got in the fridge. Yes... I think that definitely needs to happen.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Today for work I got to tailgate at the UT game and give out frosty samples of our ice blendeds. It was fun! It was very hot, but there was this wicked breeze and luckily we were in the shade. Traffic wasn't nearly as bad as I thought either. It was a little nuts at a couple points (people just walk down the middle of the street, apparently UT fans are not afraid of being hit by cars), but really much better than I imagined. It was a neat experience, there were soooo many people there. It was like a Cowboy's game or something. Probably even crazier. I want actually go in and watch a game sometime. We drove by the stadium and it looks so intense all filled up. Even my little cynical self was feeling some team spirit.

So to counteract my desire to attend a football game, let's talk about something that irks me about UT. From my short time working by campus, from what I've gathered via Brendon, and my tailgating experience today, I've come to a conclusion about UT students: everyone likes to match. Dressing the same is a "thing" at UT, like an unofficial dress code. Girls and boys are both guilty of this, but girls do the bulk of it. The most interesting matching phenomenons are: cowboy boots and shorts/skirts/dresses and the nike running shorts with baggy t-shirts. I encountered the former today for the first time and was pretty astounded. I think it must be a football game thing because almost every single girl was sporting cowboy boots. Don't get me wrong, I love me some cowboy boots every now and then, but it was super hot and all these girls are wearing boots. With shorts/dresses. And walking long distances too. Their feet must hate them afterwards. And everyone has these burnt orange t-shirt material dresses (some of which are not cute, some aren't too bad). Matchy, matchy, matchy. And the nike running shorts baggy t-shirt combo is my biggest pet peeve. It drives me crazy. Sooo many girls wear this everyday on campus. I will see seriously like 8 of them walking together and all wearing the same thing in different color variations. Do they realize they're all dressed the same? You know those girls don't run. And it is not a flattering ensemble. Plus those shorts are not cheap, how can they afford so many pairs?? (daddy's money) I could go on for years about how much this bugs me and how silly it is. It makes no sense.

Buuut, I guess I can't really talk because I basically live in the same four sundresses, denim shorts, and v-neck t-shirts. We all could use with a little mixing up of our wardrobes. But at least I'm not trying to coordinate with my amigos. I think that went out of style in 2nd grade.

Last night Brendon tried to teach me some pharmacy school stuff. He was drawing amino acid formulas and trying to get me to guess them. What? I barely even know what an amino acid is. He's so smart it scares me sometimes.

Sorry for the lack of pictures lately, I've been a lazy blogger. I've just been such a sleepy head this past week. All I think about is sleeping. Mmmm my bed sounds like a good place to be right now.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

So long August!

Hello September! I hope you bring us good things and cooler weather. August was a fun month but I'm ready to see it go. I sweat a lot, opened the new store, Brendon started pharmacy school, and we watched a lot of movies on the couch. Time seems to be going by slowly and quickly at the same time. We've only been in Austin three months but it seems like it's been much longer. And what an interesting few months it's been! So many things turned out not at all how we planned, but I'm loving it. Austin, I guess you are growing on me.

Oh and the husband started a blog! I think he started to have blog envy and decided to create one of his own. He's documenting his pharmacy school experience. Check it out! No promises on how often he'll update, but it should be interesting.

Today after I got off work and Brendon got out of class we ventured into the Co-op (it's a UT store?) to get a UT shirt for me for work. That place is insane. I've never seen so much burnt orange in my life. UT is seriously into itself. They have UT everything. Even grilling supplies. And the bad news is I look pretty terrible in orange.

After venturing into the wild jungle of burnt orange we went into this little place called Varsity Bar that's on top of a pizza place to grab a beer. They have $1 (ONE DOLLAR) Lone Star pints during happy hour. $1!! That's insane! We totally found our new place to chill after class/work. And you can't smoke in bars or restaurants in Austin, hallelujah. There is absolutely nothing worse than coming home smelling like an ash tray. So gross.

I am sleepy. I plan on going to bed tonight verrrry early because 4:15am will be here before I know it. I apologize for the lack of interesting things in this post, the content will be more entertaining next time I promise (maybe not).