Thursday, September 1, 2011

So long August!

Hello September! I hope you bring us good things and cooler weather. August was a fun month but I'm ready to see it go. I sweat a lot, opened the new store, Brendon started pharmacy school, and we watched a lot of movies on the couch. Time seems to be going by slowly and quickly at the same time. We've only been in Austin three months but it seems like it's been much longer. And what an interesting few months it's been! So many things turned out not at all how we planned, but I'm loving it. Austin, I guess you are growing on me.

Oh and the husband started a blog! I think he started to have blog envy and decided to create one of his own. He's documenting his pharmacy school experience. Check it out! No promises on how often he'll update, but it should be interesting.

Today after I got off work and Brendon got out of class we ventured into the Co-op (it's a UT store?) to get a UT shirt for me for work. That place is insane. I've never seen so much burnt orange in my life. UT is seriously into itself. They have UT everything. Even grilling supplies. And the bad news is I look pretty terrible in orange.

After venturing into the wild jungle of burnt orange we went into this little place called Varsity Bar that's on top of a pizza place to grab a beer. They have $1 (ONE DOLLAR) Lone Star pints during happy hour. $1!! That's insane! We totally found our new place to chill after class/work. And you can't smoke in bars or restaurants in Austin, hallelujah. There is absolutely nothing worse than coming home smelling like an ash tray. So gross.

I am sleepy. I plan on going to bed tonight verrrry early because 4:15am will be here before I know it. I apologize for the lack of interesting things in this post, the content will be more entertaining next time I promise (maybe not).

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