Monday, September 12, 2011

The feast

Tonight, for no reason at all, we made a little feast. When we were talking about what to have for dinner I actually was saying that I was super tired and just wanted to make something quick and easy so I have no idea how we ended up making all this food. And it was all from scratch, because we are that awesome and culinary geniuses. Not really.

Obviously we were keeping it super classy by sippin' on some lone star.

The homemade mashed potatoes were my favorite part. They were suuuuuper yummy. We've been making them from scratch lately and I kept forgetting to put milk in them. Today I remembered and they were exponentially better. We also had boiled carrots and kale chips. I'd been seeing kale chips all over the blog world and my friend Kristy recently made some so I figured we ought to try them out. I was a little skeptical at first because kale looks a whole lot like lettuce and I really really really don't like lettuce. But they turned out alright, and some pieces were pretty good. I think we may have over salted them and some of them were a tad undercooked and still tasted kale-y which is super bitter or as Brendon said, "harsh". But I'd try them again! Kale is very good for you and they had a nice crunch to them. The lamest item of our dinner was the lemon chicken. I don't really care for chicken, or much meat at all actually, so I just kinda threw some lemon pepper on them and called it a day. But it was still pretty good! Brendon whacked the heck out of them with one of those tenderizing hammers (I'm sure there's a proper name for them) so they were nice and tender.

Allowing me to take a picture. Don't judge our decor-less apartment.

I usually cook solo (by choice) but it was nice to have Brendon in the kitchen tonight. Even though he mainly just complained about how much of a mess I was making and cleaned up after me. Just kidding! Kinda. Regardless, any time I get with my man is nice no matter what we're doing. He's in study mode now so he's dead to the world. Pooooor little nerd. And I am seriously thinking of going to bed soon because I am actually a 85 year old in a 23 year old's body.


  1. That pic of me looks pretty awful my wife. I look fat and old.

  2. Bahaha you do not. You're silly.