Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dirndl Part 2

Well. The dress has taken over my life. I even had dreams about it last night. It's about 70% done. I hit a couple speed bumps today; I forgot to buy buttons and I bought the wrong kind of lace. I misinterpreted the terrible excuse for the materials list and got scalloped lace instead of lace edging. Maybe if there was an actual list instead of pictures with metric measurements next to them I would have gotten it right.

But on the bright side, even though I am lacking buttons I taught myself how to make button holes tonight! I figured I better do a test run before I try it out on the dress.

Yes, that is a button hole. Control your jealousy, it was more my machine than me. I've called my sewing machine all kinds of nasty things in the past few days, but I was seriously impressed with this. Sewing mysteries revealed; there is a setting for button holes! Sewing machines are fantastic. Thank you again Mom for teaching me how to use one of these bad boys.

Tomorrow, after a quick trip to the store, buttons and lace go on and hopefully I will finish the dress! Then what will I do with my life?

In other news, nothing. Same old, same old. Pharmacy school is king here at the Hogan household. Can't wait for Christmas break. And for May of 2015.

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  1. That is a nice button hole! I just caught up with your blog, reading the last 4 posts this morning. I miss you. :,(