Sunday, June 14, 2015

Austin to Temple

Quick update on life. It's been messy! And busy! But also really good. We are in Temple and have been for two weeks tomorrow. Our apartment is a dream, cheaper than our apartment in Austin, yet bigger and nicer and quieter. We're surrounded by new housing developments on two sides, an old neighborhood on one, and a field of wildflowers on the other. We face the wildflowers (my allergies!). We're on the outskirts of Temple, on the way to Belton. So we kind of get the best of both worlds. Temple is nice and actually pretty big, but I think Belton might be my favorite. It's smaller and cuter and they have a river and a lake. I'm partial to living near water. But the two towns are basically smashed into one another, so lucky us. I was honestly terrified that I would hate it here after Austin, but I don't. I adore the lack of traffic and the slower pace. We haven't had much time for exploring, but from what we've seen, we like it here! The cats do too.

It's been a nice two weeks of a whole lot of nothing. Well, that's a lie. For the first week Brendon studied his butt off for the NAPLEX (Which he passed! One more test in July and he'll be a licensed pharmacist! What a process this is!) and he's been working part time at a CVS here in Temple. And I've been just chillin' like a villain (insert sunglasses emoji) and working once a week at my sewing job in Austin. It's been a nice change of scenery and breath of culture (and a chance to satisfy any cravings for Austin goodies), and enough of a taste of Austin and it's traffic to make my commute home a happy and relieved one. But mostly we've been relaxing when we can. Watching lots of movies. Lots of cuddling. Lots of sleeping in. It's been good for us, because the last four years of our lives have been go go go GO and now we've had a much welcomed moment to breathe. And we've had visitors! My momma-in-law and little bro-in-law came to stay for the first weekend we were here and my mom was here yesterday! I love visitors. This is an open invitation to anyone who wants to trek to Temple and hang out. I am an expert at relaxation at this point, come chill with me.

Just as we get settled in, we leave for our little summer vacation next week. A real one, where we go somewhere, because I've definitely been on vacation for two weeks already. And then Brendon starts his residency when we get back! Which is a bummer, but hopefully means our lives will settle in to some sort of routine. Don't get me wrong, I like this hanging out in limbo we've been doing, it's been a nice change of pace, but I am not-so-secretly a huge nerd who needs a little structure in her life to thrive. Only a little though.