Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter! Indiana's first, obviously. We tried to get her to dye some eggs, but she wasn't interested. She did get a very cute floppy bunny from her Nana though! I foresee these two being buddies.

Cool thing alert, that blanket she's laying on was one of my baby blankets. There are pictures of me as a newborn in that thing! I think one of my great-grandmas made it, there's another white one too. So neat to use these for my baby!

That photo is kinda blurry, but I just can't handle that sweet face!

And as is tradition, egg dying! Although I just realized if the Easter Bunny is going to be hiding these eggs for a certain someone we're going to have to start dying them a day earlier!

I know I've talked about how much Indiana loves her daddy, but here's proof:

Is that baby not in love with her daddy?? I swear, she saves those looks for him. I'm going to have trouble on my hands with those two.

We did a "24 Carrot" egg dying kit this year. The gold stuff was mostly a pain, it was all sticky and bubbly. Maybe just regular eggs next year.

Typical Easter. Dye eggs. Take a few pictures with them. Peel those suckers. Devil 'em. Eat too many. And we tried to take an Easter selfie, but selfies with a baby are challenging! This is as good as it got:

We need to work on Indy's selfie game. But blurry or not, I still love it! Hope you guys had a great Easter if you celebrate!

Easter through the years, they're all pretty much exactly the same. Old habits die hard. Or should I say DYE hard. Har har har.

Friday, March 25, 2016


Twenty-eight! It seems like a happy number, does it not? Nice and even. Twenty-seven was a crazy good life changing year. I got pregnant, Brendon graduated, I quit my job, we moved to Temple, and then, duh, had the cutest baby in the world. Twenty-seven was pretty spectactular, but I suspect twenty-eight will be even better. Maybe has something to do with that little smooshy thing in my lap.

I had a wonderful birthday full of good things. I got to go on a run (thank you, Becky!), I'm up to two miles people. Woo. Indiana napped like a champ and was such a happy baby all day. I mean, she usually is, but dang, she was working those charms yesterday. I got to make a real lunch (pasta!), Brendon came home on time from work (!), he spoiled me rotten, we went out for dinner (pasta again!), and we got to watch half a movie when we got home! Oh and there was cake. Cake always means a good day.

Yellow cake with chocolate icing will always hold a special place in my heart. It's been one of my favorites since I was little bitty!

In between the previous picture and the next, Indiana spit up all over the both of us. There's even a photo of it. But it's gross. Funny, but gross. So no sharing on the internet.

Such a good day! OH and we forgot to bust out the birthday crown until we were basically asleep sooo:

For traditions sake. You're welcome.

I'm ready for you 28! I think you're going to be pretty dang amazing.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Two months

TWO MONTHS! Two months with the sweetest and cutest baby in the world. She's just perfect. Month two of life brought all sorts of fun things; she became less of a squishy sleepy bundle of newborn and more of an alert wiggly smiley baby. We're starting to see some personality and it's just THE BEST. She started giving us real smiles a few weeks ago and we're getting more and more of them everyday. Those smiles man. They rock your world. It's so reassuring to see her look into my eyes and really smile, because sometimes I'm like WHAT AM I DOING DOES SHE EVEN LIKE ME? But when she smiles and kicks her little legs and makes little baby noises at me, I just melt into a puddle on the floor. I am fully whipped by my daughter. 

Still working on smiling big for the camera. But man, no one has anything on how her dad can make her smile. When she was in my tummy Brendon's voice was my go-to when I hadn't felt her move in a while. His voice could get her going like nothing else. So I suspected she might like him, but I had no idea. The way she reacts to him, it's insane. She LOVES him. He makes these ridiculous voices and faces and she just eats it up. She adores him. Until she's mad and then she's my baby again. I win for soothing abilities, for sure. That's something I loooove, my ability to soothe her. She's a pretty mellow chick, but she has her mad moments. Usually in the evening after a long day of boycotting naps, during the "witching hour" when she's sleepy but wont sleep, she turns into someone else's angry baby. Sometimes nothing either of us can do will calm her, but usually I can cuddle that baby into peace. And that makes me happy. More reassurance that I can do this! 

Her eyes are still blue! Drooling is a new thing. All over the place. Head strength is impressive! She can hold that big ol' head up for a while. Eventually she loses it, but she's pretty strong! Hates tummy time. Still terrible at keeping a pacifier in, but she's super into trying to fit her whole fist into her mouth. Not a big fan of the bottle, but she's learning. Recently discovered her tongue, and if you're lucky and you stick yours out at her, she tries to return the favor. Which will basically break your heart with cuteness. Baby girl is still fitting nicely into three month clothes. Growing like a weed, at her (early) two month check up she was smack dab in the middle of all the percentiles. We have a very average sized baby, which I am not at all complaining about! As long as she is healthy, I am happy!

She's definitely got her days and nights straight. She's been sleeping really well at night! Most nights I only get up with her once or twice to nurse. (Keeping my fingers crossed and knocking on all the wood that announcing this to the world does not backfire on me.) Naps though, she hates 'em. It's a battle to get her to nap during the day, and napping in her crib is a rarity. She sleeps in a little crib in our room just fine at night, but during the day when I try to put her down in the big crib I'll get 30 minutes (like she has an internal timer, exactly 30 minutes) of napping action, max. And that's still rare. Napping on me, she's more a fan of. Oh and in the car seat. Still a champ in the car. We went to New Braunfels and Dallas the past couple weekends and she was awesome. Moments of fussiness, but for the most part she just snoozed. Thank goodness because Temple is basically two hours from anywhere.

So two months with Indiana! Soooo good! Brendon's last day working down in Austin is today, so we survived that mess. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. There were moments, but thankfully Indiana is mostly sunshine and rainbows. She helped me get through it.

We're pretty dang lucky that Indy is mostly laid back and goes fairly easy on us newbie parents. (Keep it up, girl!) She really is the best and it's just getting better every day. Love that little Seahorse! Beyond excited to watch her continue to grow and learn and steal hearts with her cuteness.