Sunday, November 9, 2014

Wurstfest 2014

Wurstfest 2014, y'all! We went on a Saturday, which is always insane. We've got to quit going on the weekends, FAR too many people. Still, the weather was perfect and we had a great time. They opened a whole new area this year, which made it way bigger! More shops and food and a new stage. Very cool!

We went with my sister and her man Casey, and met my dad and Brendon's little brother AJ there. It's more fun with more people!

My newest dirndl deserves a post of it's own, which it will get. In typical Marie fashion, I finished it the night before. It was a loooong process, but I am very happy with it!

This is a blurry photo, but evidence that Brendon lost the slide race. Those long arms up in the air probably didn't help.

The original food trailer! But really, this trailer has been around forever. Long before food trailers were a thing. And it makes the best funnel cakes ever!

The new stage area is so lovely. It's between historic buildings and the river, definitely my favorite of all the stages! This guy was playing the digital accordion and was fantastic! The next picture is of him playing "sheet music".

He's wearing a sheet. HA! So punny. But really, he was  wearing a sheet and still killed it on the accordion. He's got everything memorized!

It was a good time, as always. I think it's one of my favorite events of the year. And somehow this year we managed to not see a single person we knew. That has never happened! Every year we see people we grew up with, but this year, nope. I don't know whether we really knew no one there or if it was just so busy we didn't come across anyone. Regardless, I'm not mad about it.

Thanks for the good times as always Wurstfest! If you're in the area, you've still got a week to go, so go go go!

Previous Wurstfest adventures over the last few years.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Texas Renaissance Festival 2014

A couple weekends ago (on a whim, as you do) we hit up the Texas Renaissance Festival! This was our second time going, we went a few years ago, and again we had a blast. I love how into it everyone gets. The costumes were amazing and endlessly entertaining. Prime people watching. So much middle aged tomfoolery.

We went on a Saturday, after getting up at 6am to run seven miles. Because we're crazy. By the end we were exhausted. It's about a two and a half hour drive and we just went for the day. I was ready for bed when we got home to say the least.

We went on "All Hallow's Eve" weekend, which was obviously, Halloween themed. We went as a Renaissance witch and wizard, and I whipped our costumes up just a few days before. It was an intense few days of a sewing. My costume was really easy, Brendon's on the other hand took some work. SO much trim. But it came out great and is probably the most well made thing I've sewn!

I got henna as a souvenir (which was soooo well done, it's still faintly showing on my hand!) and boy wonder got his very own wand. He's the cutest thing ever.

Grainiest photo ever of us attempting to stay awake while waiting for the fireworks show. We ending up bailing and heading home early. Sleepy heads were we!

We had a blast. Ready to go again next year! I think I'm going to make me a princess costume next time. Complete with tiara. Because when else in your life do you get to be a princess??

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hogan Halloween Selfies

I don't know how this happened. Really. We watch the same Halloween movies every year, it's tradition. But this year after we watched the Addams Family I was like, "HEY, what if..." and this string of very intense selfies happened.

If you know me at all you know that I love dressing up. Any excuse to get into costume, I'm in. Also, I LOVE HALLOWEEN. So this was a blast for me. The challenge of making ourselves into other people was so so fun. I mean, the hair and makeup!! Yes! I got very good at shortening my hair and making my eyes look huge. Brendon enjoyed it all too? I think? Anyway, the man gets mad props for sticking it out and letting me put makeup all over him.

We spent $3 on this entire thing, and it was on three tubes of face paint from HEB. Because I just don't have white face paint in my arsenal. Everything else was just stuff we had. We made/found all the props and the costumes are just clothes thrown together. Most of the time, we were wearing shorts or pj's underneath everything and the backs of the costumes were held together by bag clips. Throwing everything together took like max, 30 minutes. Some were easier than others obviously. But anyways, here they all are, all together! And I got a new phone about half way through so pardon the quality difference.

The Addams Family, Morticia and Gomez Addams. The one that started it all! Yes, I realize the rose should be cut off and that was originally the plan, but my scissors weren't cute enough for the photo.

Ghostbusters, Dana Barrett and Dr. Peter Venkman. I am wearing a piece of fabric. Keeping that fabric situated correctly was the biggest challenge of this one.

Rocky Horror Picture Show, Brad and Janet. So scandalous! I tried to convince Brendon to be Dr. Frank-N-Furter, but nope.

The Corpse Bride, the Corpse Bride and Victor. OOOOO, the makeup was so fun for this one.

Sleepy Hollow, Katrina Von Tassel and Ichabod Crane. Easily the most obscure. I love this movie, but I guess it's not a "classic" Halloween film. But I mean, it's a Tim Burton movie! With Johnny Depp! So Halloween.

The Shining, Wendy and Jack Torrance. This one was real fun. The outtakes are amazing, we look so foolish.

Casper, Kat Harvey and Casper. Hands down, the least flattering for me and the easiest for Brendon. Attempting to make yourself look like a 90's teenager... it's not a good look for anyone. I die every time I look at that giant Brendon-Casper though.

Young Frankenstein, Igor (EYE-gor) and Dr. Frankenstein. Up there with the Shining, taking this one was so much fun. Lots of laughing involved. I'm definitely wearing a bathrobe.

Beetlejuice, Lydia Deetz and Betelguese. Thus begins the insane makeup on Brendon. WHICH WAS SO FUN. And I am very proud of my masking tape jacket.

Hocus Pocus, Winnie Sanderson and Billy Butcherson. This is my favorite Halloween movie, and this was my favorite picture. I'm wearing a sheet.

The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sally and Jack Skellington. Every year I watch the Nightmare Before Christmas on Halloween. It's tradition. It marks the end of spooky October and the beginning of the holiday season! We took each photo after we watched each movie, so Jack and Sally bring up the rear! We needed to Windex our mirror.

So there's that! Proof that you don't have to spend a lot of money on Halloween. Creativity goes a long way, y'all! It was very very fun and although I'm sad it's over, I think my skin is glad. I'm recovering from some terrible makeup inflicted breakouts.

Hope you guys enjoyed this month long ridiculousness. We loved all the support on instagram and Facebook! If no one had enjoyed the first one we wouldn't have done any more! So it's really all y'alls fault. ;)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


This photo has little to do with anything, but what's a post without a photo? It's statistically proven that the internet loves cats, so here is sweet Greg, helping me sew. 

Here we are guys, mid September. WHATTHAHECK? It's basically fall. The highs all week are sub 90 (hey, it's Texas, we'll take what we can get), and pumpkins have made their appearance at HEB. I've been integrating leggings back into my wardrobe and planning Halloween costumes. (WHAT SHOULD I BE?)  What have you been up to? I've been working working working. Running a store means periods of relative peace, and periods of chaos. This is a period of chaos, but I sort of thrive in that environment, so it's okay. I go into workaholic mode and become sort of addicted to work. I worked 56+? hours last week between both jobs, and secretly loved it. Don't get me wrong though, I'm tired and prefer the periods of peace.

Mr. Hogan is somehow already wrapping up his second of six rotations, and honestly it's been lovely. I mean, at least for me. Everyone warned us about rotations and how hard they'd be, but really, it's been great. It's just like he has a job. That he pays to go to? There's no class, no studying. When he's home, he's home. We can chill and play and relax without the stress of school. Our theory is that everyone thinks rotations are so hard because they've been perpetual students for almost a decade and most don't know what it's like to work 40+ hours a week. And it is a big change. Pharmacy school is hard, no doubt, but you're sitting most of the time and even though it's a lot of mental work, you're not actively "working". I can definitely see how rotations could be a rough change. But Brendon is a hustler by nature and no stranger to work, so it's been a smooth transition. So far. We're only two rotations in, there could be some nasty ones in the future. Like the one in another city where he lives away from me for six weeks. That's going to be fun. 

Sewing season has begun. I'm working on my dirndl number three (one and two here) and obviously have a Halloween costume to make. I'm having a hard time deciding what to be this year. I'm sure, as always, I'll wait until the last minute to throw it together. Feels good to be sewing for myself! 

And hallelujah we made it through summer without giving up on running. Kept it up all through the heat, running 3-4 days every dang week, aside from our vacay in Colorado. It's been cooling down and I've been so grateful that we stuck it out all summer. Every day our runs get faster, thank goodness for fall temperatures. We've got the five mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and then the Austin Half Marathon in February. Eeeee! 13.1 miles! We haven't been able to add much distance over the summer, I think our longest run was seven miles, so it's time to start ramping up the distance! Our longest run in the spring was ten miles... ready to beat that! 13.1, I'm coming for you.

Hurray for fall. My most favorite time of the year is beginning and I couldn't be happier. Now bring on more cold fronts!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Austin Ice Cream Festival!

Saturday we ventured out into the Great August Summer Heat (who has just now decided to grace us with it's presence and I am totally okay with it, it's been such a lovely cool summer, I'll take a whole month of 100+ degree days!) to check out the Austin Ice Cream Festival. We've been talking about going for years but have always had to work. Somehow miraculously this year we both had the day off! So to celebrate ice cream we went!

This is just how photos of me go, so I'm embracing it. I am actually not a fan of ice cream, but Mr. Hogan on the other had loves the stuff. I ate a lot of fruit/ice things, which there was plenty of! Tickets to the event are $10 per person and you get 3 sample tickets to try out different ice cream vendors. So between the two of us we had 6 tickets, and we got to try almost everything! You can also buy more tickets, but we were sugared out by 6. Oh, and there's unlimited Blue Bell ice cream goodies. Literally, unlimited. They had a Blue Bell truck that they were just piling out ice cream cups, bars, popsicles, etc out of to any one who wanted some. Ice cream insanity.

They had this super cute craft set up for kids (and adults who are children at heart), tons of popsicle sticks and elmers glue! We got in on the action. I made some swirly thing, and Brendon made... a turkey! A turkey!! That boy wins for creativity. Watching him make that thing was adorable.

Someone explain to me whats up with this baby sculpture on top of this van. Creeeepy!

I think that was fruit popsicle number 3 for me? This was the coolest little event, and if you get the chance next year I highly recommend it! SO MUCH ICE CREAM! Also tons of free junk from random vendors. We both got new obnoxious colored sunglasses, because you can never have enough. And sunscreen, which was a genius move on Concentra's part.

Thanks for the good time Austin Ice Cream Festival! You were a great way to beat the heat and get a crazy sugar high.