Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016

Indiana's first Christmas! Woooo! I think it was a success. A crazy crazy day, but she had a good time! We stayed in Temple again this year, as traveling with a baby is hard and traveling with a baby, PLUS doing multiple Christmases (the blessing and curse of your whole family living in one town) was just a little too much. So my family was kind enough to come to us! I'm really glad we stayed at home. We got to have Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with just the three of us and it was really really nice. We haven't spent a Christmas Eve or morning alone in practically our whole relationship and I have to say, it was awesome. Especially because it was Indiana's first, it made it really special. Christmas Eve was spent listening to Christmas music nonstop and I spent almost all day cooking. Happy place!

On Christmas morning Indiana woke us up and we got all ready to do the dang thing. We put her on the floor and let her go, and she went straight to her new piano! It was the sweetest thing and I tried (really I did!) to get it on video, but I didn't hit record. BAHHH, story of my life. I will forever be beating myself up about that. Oh well! Mental memory will have to do.

Indiana didn't NEED much of anything for Christmas, but I really wanted her to have a piano. A real one, not some plastic thing. And Santa brought her one! It's a real tiny piano and it makes the cutest toy piano plinks! She's excellent at banging on it. The cats hate it.

Sophie loves Christmas as much as any kid.

These two! Indiana and Sophie have recently gotten "closer" and I love it.

Indiana was mostly much more into the paper and bags and boxes than she was the actual presents, but I think she still had a lot of fun!

After Indiana's morning nap we had Christmas round two! And this is the only group shot we got of the whole day, because boy do photos go out the window when you have a baby on Christmas!

After Indiana's afternoon nap we did Christmas round THREE, which I got basically no photos of. Fail! At this point I was pretty tired. Between cooking, cleaning, wrangling Indiana, and hosting lots of company I was beat. I'm a big time introvert and we had A LOT of people come to our tiny apartment, so by the end of the day my head was about to blow up. Luckily Indiana is the opposite, she loves people and looooves being the center of attention. I wonder where she got that from.... (ahem, Dr. Hogan...)

Christmas dinner! My dad and step mom brought over a big folding table that we set up in the middle of our tiny living room so we could all actually sit together for dinner. One day we will have a bigger place. Our mini-apartment is great for the three of us at this stage, but goodness whenever anyone comes over it gets so crowded! Not to mention we are busting at the seams with baby stuff.

And this is the only photo I got of round three. Everyone looks SO THRILLED to be there, huh?

I swear we were having a good time! ;)

It was a good day. An exhausting day, but a good one. I was super glad that Brendon had Monday off so we could recover!

Indiana had a great first Christmas I think. She was spoiled rotten by people who love her (as were we) and got to play in piles of paper and boxes. I'm trying not to think about all the paper she ate, but hey it's just fiber right? Christmas with a baby was everything I hoped it would be and more and I think every year it will get better. I can't wait until she knows whats going on, haha. I think we've still got a couple more years for that, but I am so ready! Baking cookies for Santa, writing Christmas lists! Eeee! Bring it all on!

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