Saturday, December 31, 2016

Farewell 2016

2016 was a wild year for the Hogans. Obviously. Indiana was born! So this will always and forever be the year we became parents. The baby year. Looking back on it has me feeling all sorts of things and I could talk forever about how crazy and wonderful and scary and year of new parenthood has been for us, but I think I'll just get rolling with the photos. Which are almost entirely Indiana.


Every year I say that this year was the best ever, but truly, no matter how exhausting or stressful or whatever this year was, it was the best. It brought us Indiana and she has changed our lives in every way imaginable and it's been wonderful.

2016, you may have been a real bee-otch generally, but specifically to our family, you were stellar. Ready to see what 2017 brings us, I have no doubt it will be GOOD.

Scamper down memory lane with previous year summaries.

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