Sunday, August 10, 2014

Austin Ice Cream Festival!

Saturday we ventured out into the Great August Summer Heat (who has just now decided to grace us with it's presence and I am totally okay with it, it's been such a lovely cool summer, I'll take a whole month of 100+ degree days!) to check out the Austin Ice Cream Festival. We've been talking about going for years but have always had to work. Somehow miraculously this year we both had the day off! So to celebrate ice cream we went!

This is just how photos of me go, so I'm embracing it. I am actually not a fan of ice cream, but Mr. Hogan on the other had loves the stuff. I ate a lot of fruit/ice things, which there was plenty of! Tickets to the event are $10 per person and you get 3 sample tickets to try out different ice cream vendors. So between the two of us we had 6 tickets, and we got to try almost everything! You can also buy more tickets, but we were sugared out by 6. Oh, and there's unlimited Blue Bell ice cream goodies. Literally, unlimited. They had a Blue Bell truck that they were just piling out ice cream cups, bars, popsicles, etc out of to any one who wanted some. Ice cream insanity.

They had this super cute craft set up for kids (and adults who are children at heart), tons of popsicle sticks and elmers glue! We got in on the action. I made some swirly thing, and Brendon made... a turkey! A turkey!! That boy wins for creativity. Watching him make that thing was adorable.

Someone explain to me whats up with this baby sculpture on top of this van. Creeeepy!

I think that was fruit popsicle number 3 for me? This was the coolest little event, and if you get the chance next year I highly recommend it! SO MUCH ICE CREAM! Also tons of free junk from random vendors. We both got new obnoxious colored sunglasses, because you can never have enough. And sunscreen, which was a genius move on Concentra's part.

Thanks for the good time Austin Ice Cream Festival! You were a great way to beat the heat and get a crazy sugar high.