Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Seven Months

Lucky number seven, here we are! Seven months of Indiana. We're on the quick trip downhill to one year. I am in denial.

This last month was a goooood one. They're all good, but she's getting more and more interactive which is fun fun fun! I think aside from the big milestones like crawling, standing, walking, etc, the developments are a little more subtle these days. The biggest thing Indiana conquered this month was FOOD! She loves food. I mentioned before we're doing Baby Led Weaning which in a nutshell is, since I've had people ask, no pureeing and no spoon feeding. No "baby food". We give Indiana food cut into sticks and she does the rest. Unless it's naturally soft, I steam the food so it's soft enough to squish between my fingers. She does the feeding and the eating! And it's been so much fun watching her get better and better at it. At first it was mostly just chewing and spitting out and throwing on the floor (that still happens, a lot), maybe some accidental swallowing, but more and more is making it into her tummy these days. She doesn't eat a whole bunch, barely anything really. It's more of a learning/tasting experience. Plus great practice for her fine motor skills. She's had carrots, sweet potatoes, avocado, watermelon, zucchini, bananas, and peaches. Avocado is her favorite, but there hasn't been anything so far she doesn't like! I know that wont last forever, so I'm enjoying it while I can.

Indiana's personality is really starting to show these days. She is silly. She loves playing and smiling and getting into everything. She makes the funniest (weirdest) faces. Her newest one is where she scrunches up her face into this slightly evil looking smile/grimace and makes this sort of pig snorting/grunting when she's excited. It showed up out of the blue this past week and it's been hanging around a bunch. I think it's hilarious.

Unfortunately I think we're entering the stranger danger zone. She used to be able to be passed around no big deal, but these days she's a little hesitant if it's not her parents holding her. She is a big fan of her mama and daddy. But if we're holding her, strangers are totally cool! She'll smile at you all day long! And after a little warming up, she'll hang with other folks too. She just does that crying thing when someone new holds her at first. And then she reaches for her mama and I secretly LOVE IT. Mwahaha.

This last month we had our first real medical "scare". It really wasn't even that serious, but when you're a new mom everything is serious! Indiana had a low grade fever one day and then a couple days later an insane rash showed up. It started on her arms and knees and then eventually she was a tomato. It didn't seem to bother her at all though, thank goodness. She just looked like a mess. I took her to her pediatrician and she prescribed benadryl which cleared it right up. Some random virus I guess. Nothing like seeing your baby sick though, I cannot handle myself.

HA. She is not into laying on her back these days.

I've been trying to trick Indiana into saying mama (since apparently most babies say "dada" first) but all I can get out of her is a "mmmmmm". But hey it's a start. She still shrieks in excitement but thankfully the screaming nonstop for fun thing has died down. Still a huge fan of the cats. LOVES water. Bath time, the big pool, her little plastic pool; she loves it all. We got caught in the rain at IKEA this past weekend and she was in heaven. Smiling and making happy noises. Little fish. Loves going out and she loves Starbucks. We go at least once a week and hangout in the lobby for a while. She's even made friends with some of the regulars. Am I a regular?? AT STARBUCKS? I swear I still like good coffee.

Indiana still sleeps pretty well. Gets up to eat like a ravenous wolf once or twice a night, then promptly passes back out. And she's randomly slept through the night a few times! I think we're close to going from three naps to two, which I'm both happy and sad about. Less mama time, but more baby time! No crawling yet, but I think maybe we're on the way. I'm in no rush. She's a champion wiggler and rolls around everywhere and gets into everything without crawling. I'll have my work cut out for me when she gets around to it. Loves sitting up. Really into sitting in shopping carts at stores, she loves looking at everything. Loves the wind and the rain; we've been sitting on the patio a bunch now that it's slightly cooler. I can't wait for fall when we can start playing outside more!

She's just the biggest ball of sunshine. And so darn cute. This next month brings her first beach trip and I am so excited! She's gonna eat so much sand.

The rest of the monthlies here!