Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Birthday boy celebration #2

Brendon is a lucky ducky and is basically getting a whole birthday week (that's how it always should be right?)! We celebrated with his momma this past weekend, we're going down to my dad's this coming weekend, and of course we celebrated on the day of!

Unfortunately Bren had to go to school, but once he got home, it was birthday time!

Pardon the post-it profanity. It's a part of a rap song we like? We're weird.

Birthday cuddles!

I made him a crown, because why not? It's a pretty sweet crown, I've got to hand it to myself. Gold spray paint, giant plastic jewels, and card stock, the materials of a true champion crafter. Kidding obviously. That thing is wonky as hell, but it has character!

We went out for dinner and drinks with a few of his friends. It was a blast! They are all hilarious. I can't imagine how rowdy they get when ladies are not present! I'm glad he has such good guys to go through the hell that is pharmacy school with.

After dinner and lots of drinks for the boys, we all headed downtown for a little bit. We popped into a little bar called the Library. It was cute! It had huge shelves of books on the walls. I have to admit, 6th street is a lot less scary on weekdays. All the bars had their windows and doors open, it was really kind of nice since the weather was so good. I'd like to go check it out during the day sometime or just walk around and people watch. So many weirdos, so little time.

Cops all ready to roll. There were a TON of them.

I baked Brendon a pumpkin pie as his birthday cake! He looooves pumpkin pie. I'd never made one before and I have to say it was definitely not my crowning culinary achievement. The mixture was just so watery when I poured it in the pie crust. I was like... is this right? And then to get the inside done enough I ended up burning the crust a little. Boo. But Brendon said it was good though so I guess it wasn't a total fail. But that might have been because of the massive amount of homemade whipped cream (YUM) he topped it with, also he was a taaaad tipsy. I don't like pumpkin pie so we'll have to take his word for it.

Lighting candles

This picture cracks me up.

And of course, somehow whipped cream ended up on his face. And shirt. I may or may not have been responsible.

I had a blast yesterday celebrating Brendon's birthday. I hope he had fun as well! Birthdays are the best. When we were driving home Brendon said, "Hey! This is our first birthday as husband and wife!", and I think it was a very successful first wedded birthday. Can't wait to celebrate at least a hundred more birthdays.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Brendon!

Today the dear man I love turns twenty-four!!! Can you believe it?? Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating your eighteenth and then your twenty-first! Time flies when you're having fun! Before you know it you'll be turning 74 and we'll be old farts and our age will finally match our lifestyle.

I could go on about how great you are forever, so I'll try to keep this short and sweet. I am so thankful that twenty-four years ago you came into this world (big shout out to your parents!). You are the best friend and husband ever and the smartest, cutest, and funniest guy I know. You make this world a brighter and more interesting place. And you make me happy. Really happy. Because you are so damn wonderful and you treat me like a princess. And because you do things like this:

Order crazy (nasty) drinks at restaurants just so we can get the toy that comes with them. Sorry I just put this picture on the internet.

You are the best and I love dat ass to death. Happy birthday Mr. Hogan! Now ditch pharmacy school and come home and celebrate!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hula Huttin'

Yesterday we had an early birthday celebration for Brendon with his momma and little bro. We had dinner at Hula Hut (so good, if you're in Austin, eat there) and then some coffee at Mozart's (not impressed, but I guess I'm biased) after. The weather was perfect for hanging out by the lake, we had a blast!

AJ always has the craziest poses. And I was diggin' his cookie monster shirt.

This is one of the few pictures in existence where Brendon is actually smiling. And I am a giggle-monster because Brendon's mom said he looked constipated in the first take. Deb is a genius. Got the boy to smile!

Those ridiculous things on a plate in front of Brendon are "dessert nachos". They were yummy. Basically just sweet chips with whipped cream on them. I love whipped cream.

 If you donate two dollars to a "local charity" this GIANT fish comes alive. It's eyes light up red, it's head starts moving, and it squirts water out of it's mouth. For a finale a whole bunch of bubbles come up behind it. Gassy fish I guess.

DANG, who's that cutie in plaid??

As always it was great to spend time with our family and nice to have an evening where studying for pharmacy school was not involved. More nights like this please!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Shortbread cookies

Remember yesterday when I said I might make cookies? Well I don't play games when it comes to cookies. Of course I made some. I recently tried a shortbread cookie at work and was like "dang I like this, I must learn how to make them", and so I did. Turns out it's pretty dang easy.

I used this recipe. Minus the chocolate because I didn't have any. And I made circle cookies instead of "finger" cookies because who has that cookie cutter on hand anyways? Seriously though, they are so easy. You just need, flour, sugar, vanilla, salt, and butter (a lot of it). If you're like me you've always got that stuff on hand. I love simple recipes like this that you can throw together on a whim.

I don't want to talk about how many of these I've eaten. They're super rich and buttery and that might not be for everyone. Obviously they're for me. I'm on Paula Deen's team, butter is my friend. It may not be good for you, but damn, it makes stuff taste good. And if I'm making cookies, I'm not trying to make them healthy.

Nom nom nom, I love cookies.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Girl day

Today I decided to treat myself to a day of girly-ness. I have the whole day off and Mr. H is at school until late this evening. So why not? I dressed a tad fancier than my usual sweats and t-shirt combo and set out on the town.

Mirror pics are still cool right? Excuse my monster hair.

I took myself to a nice little lunch at one of my fav places, La Madeline's. That tomato soup is where it's at. I sat on the patio and enjoyed the lovely weather. And the wind. Austin folks, did you notice that it's quite a blustery day outside? A man walked by while I was eating and said, "I'm surprised you haven't blown away. I noticed you are the only one out here. It's really windy." THANK YOU good sir for pointing out the obvious. As dangerous as that breeze might have been, I survived and managed to eat my lunch without any trouble. Alone. And I enjoyed it.

 I always get a fruit tart every time I eat there. They are so good. I could have eaten at least 5.

Next up on my list was the mall. I still had a gift card from Christmas that I hadn't spent so I figured now was the time. I got a couple of really cute sweaters on super sale and still have moola left to spend. YES. Too bad it's summer already and I probably wont get to wear them until November. Supposedly a cool front is coming in tonight (hence the wind?) so maybe I'll get to wear them sooner rather than later. Cross your fingers y'all. They're cute.

Today is the day of mirror pics, in a dressing room too! Those are the sweaters I bought hanging in the back. I just had to get a shot of this skirt, because it's awesome. I got it for $15 at LOFT a little while back. It's navy and it has pockets. Love.

After my little shopping expedition, I headed home for some r&r. I painted my toe nails and am about to go get cuddly on the couch and watch a movie, I'm debating between Enchanted and Tangled. Yes, I am a 11 year old girl today. I also may bake some cookies. I love cookies.

Since it's been feeling so much like spring these days, I painted my toes light pink with a shimmery/glittery top coat. Like I said, eleven years old.

Every now and then I think it's good to take a "you" day. Spoil yourself just a bit. It's good for the soul.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Professional Putt-putters

Yesterday we finally ventured out to Peter Pan Mini Golf. We had been swearing we'd go since we moved here over the summer but it was 109 degrees everyday, so we decided to wait for nicer weather. And months and months went by and nice weather happened (occasionally) but we never made it out. Yesterday, nice weather happened and we finally put two and two together and got our mini-golf on.

The obstacles/decor are pretty elaborate. There was actually a sculptor there creating a new piece for one of the holes, she was taking advantage of the nice weather as well. It was so cool!

There are two courses, an east and a west course. We did the west, which I thought was pretty challenging. But let's be real, I am terrible at mini golf. Or any sport. Regardless, I had a blast. If you're in the mood for putt-putt and are in Austin, go to Peter Pan. PLUS, it's byob (!!!), so we rolled up with a four pack of mini-wine bottles and a giant natural light for Brendon. We always keep it classy. And I must apologize for the wonky exposures/whatever of our photos, we were being mostly ridiculous and our camera skills were MIA.

 Game face on. Also, apparently this is my golfing stance? I should reevaluate that because it wasn't working.

Brendon had slightly more luck skill.

Ridiculous? That's my hole-in-two victory kneel. It happened twice.

Does this photo creep you out? There is an even creepier version that I decided to spare you dear readers from.

And of course, us with the man him self, Peter. I wasn't quite brave enough to climb him. Thanks to the giggly kids, who I swear could not be old enough for their lone stars, for taking our picture.

After wrecking shop at the mini-golf course, we headed across the street to a park on the lake.

That little mass in the water was a bunch of turtles sunning on a little rock! CUTE! Also, my hair is not that color. And I am not that pale. Yes I am. Brendon called me Snow White last night after looking at my feet. THANKS BABE.

We live in such a beautiful city. I love it more everyday.

Oh and these pictures happened:

 There are actually like three or four more pictures of him in other equally ridiculous poses. What a goof. I have to give the man props though, he's been working out like crazy and has got some serious muscles. And he is never going to let me forget I typed that sentence. Last night, I believe after this muscle photo shoot, he told me that I HAVE to start working out to save my bone density or some crap. I laughed. Physical activity is for the birds.

Where is Denton?

Pretty pretty pretty!

We went for a little walk down by Town Lake (or whats it called now? Lady Bird Lake?) and nearly got stampeded by all the runners and people with dogs. SO many runners and SOOO many dogs. My favorite was this pudgy bull dog who was walking waddling behind his human and seriously looked like he may just pass out. He waddled over to us and we pet him for a bit to give him a little break, walking is rough.

We had a little dinner at Pluckers (YUM) and then came home to watch a movie. I passed out within like twenty minutes at about 9:00. I had been up since 4 something am and had a whole two glasses mini-bottles of wine and a little bit of a monstrous beer (Brendon drank all of his and 75% of mine. Those mugs were stupid big.) at Pluckers. You know I can't hang. It was time for sleep. But it was a wonderful afternoon/night with my husband. It was so good to hang out and relax with him, something that really hasn't happened since the semester started. No fair. Summer! Get here quick! I want more dates!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


One of my fav bloggers and fellow Austinite, Jenni, has started a Sunday tradition of sharing your week in instagram pics. And I dig it. So even though my week was a little uneventful (aside from v-day), here are a few moments from it. Actually this is mostly pictures of me and my grey feline buddy. Cat lady problems.

Arts and crafts time with my girl Sophie.

 Valentine's love.

 Roses from the hubby. There were also chocolate covered strawberries, but you know I inhaled them.

The best way to start your morning is with a cat sleeping on your head.

I repotted a couple of our plants and we planted some Forget-me-not seeds.

More arts and crafts!

Sleepy Greggo on my very messy desk. And a photo-strip of us in like... 2008?

Sundays off with your hubby are bueno. Even if he does have to spend most of it studying.

Today Brendon took me to see the Vow, because I whined about wanting to see it forever. It was cute, but if you've seen the preview for it, then you've seen the movie. That's basically it. It's set in Chicago, and it made me want to go back and visit badly. Chicago is such a cool city! And homegirl is an artist, so I can relate. Not really, seeing as how that hasn't panned out so well for me (yet). I'd kill for her studio space though.

Hope you guys had a good week. It was a little bit of a rough one here for the Hogans, but we survived as always. Brendon had four tests and is gearing up for three more. So I just worked a lot and missed my man. One more week of pharmacy school down, one gazillion to go! Really though, this semester is flying by and I am so down with that. Before we know it, it will be summer vacation! And 200 degrees outside again.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The importance of being nice

This is my attempt at looking extra friendly. And meet my new favorite sweater! SO SOFT!

Life lessons from someone you probably don't take seriously! Ha ha.

Rudeness is a quality I cannot tolerate. Unfortunately we all deal with this everyday, usually from complete strangers. I do NOT understand this. I go out of my way to be kind, friendly, and at the very least polite to people I encounter and interact with even if they don't do the same for me. You never know what kind of day they're having and what impact you and your actions may have on them. There is so much nastiness out in the world, why add to it?

I guess working in customer service for 100 years has probably affected my outlook on things. I have been on the receiving end of rudeness too many times to count. This is understandable, but not okay at all, because everyone knows that working in customer service sucks. You deal with grumpy people, people in a hurry, and people who could care less about you as long as they get their beer, food, or nonfat extra shot latte, stat. It's frustrating but it happens everyday. But rudeness unfortunately also happens outside of work. People are just plain rude sometimes

My favorite way to deal with the grumpy folks out there is to "kill them with kindness" (as my momma taught me!). That's pretty much my game plan. I'm rarely rude in retaliation, even if people deserve it. Because like I said, you never know what might be going on their end. Life is a mess and sometimes days suck, I'd hate to make it worse. And the good news is that sometimes you can thaw grumpiness and end up brightening their day! Bonus! In my case the bad news is, because I aim to please, I tend to get walked over sometimes (a lot). So I guess there is a point where you've got to have a little backbone and stick up for yourself if someone is out of line or just stomping all over you. I'm working on that part. But there is usually a nicer way to say things, even if it's not something someone wants to hear.

And of course there are plenty of completely lovely people out there to make up for the meanies. As a great example, the other day I hit the jackpot and it seemed that everyone I encountered was nice. I had the sweetest sales associates help me out while I was shopping (at two stores!) and then while I was at Walmart (aka a mecca for jerks) a sweet old man complimented me on my outfit, twice. Suh-weet.

So the next time you're out, make an effort to be nice to people you see. It's so easy and it makes you feel good. Smile at your cashier, even if it looks like they hate their job (they probably do). Or be a little more patient with your server, you are not their only table. Let a car merge in front of you (this is for all you Austinites). Hold a door open for someone. And please say please and thank you. The world would run a little smoother if everyone just took a second to be little more kind and thoughtful. What comes around goes around y'all. Like they say, karma is a bee-otch.

Spread the happiness people, a little goes a long way!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddio!

Today my Dad turns 54! Whoohoo! I'm sure he is stoked. As he puts it, "one more year until retirement". Although I can't imagine him not working, his dad still works everyday and he just turned 80!

We had a little early birthday celebration for him up here Sunday evening. We ate at Moonshine, which is one of our favorite restaurants we've discovered in Austin. If you are ever in the area, eat there. It's fancy home cooked goodness and it is delish

After dinner we hung out at our place for a bit for coffee, tea, and of course (cup)cakes and presents! And even though we were at home, I still was too lazy to grab an actual camera. My bad.

The cupcakes were so good, they are my step-momma's specialty! There were red velvet and apple spice cupcakes, yum yum yum!

This is the card I made him! It's a party-animal-birthday-bass obviously, as my dad is an avid fisherman. I think it came out great, except that I lost my glue stick so I was forced to use Elmer's glue. That stuff warps paper like no ones business plus it gets everywhere. And when you're the worlds messiest person already, it just gets ridiculous. But aside from the wonkyness and stickiness, it was a lot of fun to make. I love making cards! No more store bought cards for me. These are way more fun, cheaper, and I think they're a bit more special if not just extra weird and funny looking.

So happy birthday Daddy! Thank you for supporting me through everything, being hilarious, and giving me your "project" genes. We love you and fish on!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy love day to all you lovers (and haters) out there! I love Valentine's Day! Mr. H is spending the majority of the day at school, but will be home later this evening so we'll have a little low key celebration at home before he has to get back to studying.

So far today has been really wonderful. Because Valentine's Day is about celebrating all the people you love, this morning I drove down to NB with some flowers to surprise my momma at work. And I think I was pretty successful! I love surprising people, surprises are the best! I took her out to lunch and we had some yummy Mexican food! It was super relaxing and fun and exactly what I needed after a rough week/weekend. Hanging out with my mom is the bomb. We went to the Adobe which was my favorite tex-mex restaurant back in the day. It is still pretty damn good. I needed a siesta afterwards, I was so full.

Once my mom went back to work I headed a little farther south and surprised my dad at work! He gave me a little tour of their new warehouse/offices and I've got to say, they're pretty dang fancy. It is the biggest Sysco in the entire world. Literally. It was neat to see it all put together. We went to the ground breaking ceremony in 2010 and this past spring we meandered around while it was being built. It opened this December and they're finishing up combining the San Antonio and Austin offices this week. I'm happy for Sysco! Plus now the trucks I see in Austin will have come from my dad's work!

Ground breaking. My dad's the goon in plaid. Can't you tell we're related?
All finished!

I was pretty impressed. And all the fork lifts they use in the warehouse run on hydrogen. They have like a little hydrogen pump where they all fill up. How cool is that?

Back on topic, today is the day of love! So let's talk about my sweet man. This is the point where you navigate away from the page if you are not a fan of mushy-love stuff. Jk, it won't be that bad.

He left this sweet card on my computer for me to find when I woke up (I like how he knows where I go immediately in the morning).

If you've ever used construction paper you'll recognize those little stencils. He might not be much of an artist, but I love his cards. They are hilarious as well as adorably wonky. And of course sweet as hell. AND as always, our cats are involved in everything.

I love this man a lot. He is the weirdest person I know, and also the best. He treats me like a princess and 99% of the time I don't deserve it. Even if I feel like crap, am in a bitchy mood, and refuse to decide what to eat (erryday y'all), he is always patient with me and endlessly kind. I can't imagine being married to me, but I'm sure it's frustrating constantly at times. I am beyond thankful for Brendon and so glad he wandered into my little world. Life without him by my side would be lame. Not only would I be even more of a hot mess, it would be hella boring. Being married to him is a blast. Everyday is an adventure and we are laughing all the way, mostly at fart jokes (kidding...or am I?). So thanks Mr. H, for yet another Valentine's Day together, our first as husband and wife. Can't wait until you're done with your test tonight. And although I am very grateful for it being in our lives, pharmacy school is not on my love list.