Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Birthday boy celebration #2

Brendon is a lucky ducky and is basically getting a whole birthday week (that's how it always should be right?)! We celebrated with his momma this past weekend, we're going down to my dad's this coming weekend, and of course we celebrated on the day of!

Unfortunately Bren had to go to school, but once he got home, it was birthday time!

Pardon the post-it profanity. It's a part of a rap song we like? We're weird.

Birthday cuddles!

I made him a crown, because why not? It's a pretty sweet crown, I've got to hand it to myself. Gold spray paint, giant plastic jewels, and card stock, the materials of a true champion crafter. Kidding obviously. That thing is wonky as hell, but it has character!

We went out for dinner and drinks with a few of his friends. It was a blast! They are all hilarious. I can't imagine how rowdy they get when ladies are not present! I'm glad he has such good guys to go through the hell that is pharmacy school with.

After dinner and lots of drinks for the boys, we all headed downtown for a little bit. We popped into a little bar called the Library. It was cute! It had huge shelves of books on the walls. I have to admit, 6th street is a lot less scary on weekdays. All the bars had their windows and doors open, it was really kind of nice since the weather was so good. I'd like to go check it out during the day sometime or just walk around and people watch. So many weirdos, so little time.

Cops all ready to roll. There were a TON of them.

I baked Brendon a pumpkin pie as his birthday cake! He looooves pumpkin pie. I'd never made one before and I have to say it was definitely not my crowning culinary achievement. The mixture was just so watery when I poured it in the pie crust. I was like... is this right? And then to get the inside done enough I ended up burning the crust a little. Boo. But Brendon said it was good though so I guess it wasn't a total fail. But that might have been because of the massive amount of homemade whipped cream (YUM) he topped it with, also he was a taaaad tipsy. I don't like pumpkin pie so we'll have to take his word for it.

Lighting candles

This picture cracks me up.

And of course, somehow whipped cream ended up on his face. And shirt. I may or may not have been responsible.

I had a blast yesterday celebrating Brendon's birthday. I hope he had fun as well! Birthdays are the best. When we were driving home Brendon said, "Hey! This is our first birthday as husband and wife!", and I think it was a very successful first wedded birthday. Can't wait to celebrate at least a hundred more birthdays.

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