Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy love day to all you lovers (and haters) out there! I love Valentine's Day! Mr. H is spending the majority of the day at school, but will be home later this evening so we'll have a little low key celebration at home before he has to get back to studying.

So far today has been really wonderful. Because Valentine's Day is about celebrating all the people you love, this morning I drove down to NB with some flowers to surprise my momma at work. And I think I was pretty successful! I love surprising people, surprises are the best! I took her out to lunch and we had some yummy Mexican food! It was super relaxing and fun and exactly what I needed after a rough week/weekend. Hanging out with my mom is the bomb. We went to the Adobe which was my favorite tex-mex restaurant back in the day. It is still pretty damn good. I needed a siesta afterwards, I was so full.

Once my mom went back to work I headed a little farther south and surprised my dad at work! He gave me a little tour of their new warehouse/offices and I've got to say, they're pretty dang fancy. It is the biggest Sysco in the entire world. Literally. It was neat to see it all put together. We went to the ground breaking ceremony in 2010 and this past spring we meandered around while it was being built. It opened this December and they're finishing up combining the San Antonio and Austin offices this week. I'm happy for Sysco! Plus now the trucks I see in Austin will have come from my dad's work!

Ground breaking. My dad's the goon in plaid. Can't you tell we're related?
All finished!

I was pretty impressed. And all the fork lifts they use in the warehouse run on hydrogen. They have like a little hydrogen pump where they all fill up. How cool is that?

Back on topic, today is the day of love! So let's talk about my sweet man. This is the point where you navigate away from the page if you are not a fan of mushy-love stuff. Jk, it won't be that bad.

He left this sweet card on my computer for me to find when I woke up (I like how he knows where I go immediately in the morning).

If you've ever used construction paper you'll recognize those little stencils. He might not be much of an artist, but I love his cards. They are hilarious as well as adorably wonky. And of course sweet as hell. AND as always, our cats are involved in everything.

I love this man a lot. He is the weirdest person I know, and also the best. He treats me like a princess and 99% of the time I don't deserve it. Even if I feel like crap, am in a bitchy mood, and refuse to decide what to eat (erryday y'all), he is always patient with me and endlessly kind. I can't imagine being married to me, but I'm sure it's frustrating constantly at times. I am beyond thankful for Brendon and so glad he wandered into my little world. Life without him by my side would be lame. Not only would I be even more of a hot mess, it would be hella boring. Being married to him is a blast. Everyday is an adventure and we are laughing all the way, mostly at fart jokes (kidding...or am I?). So thanks Mr. H, for yet another Valentine's Day together, our first as husband and wife. Can't wait until you're done with your test tonight. And although I am very grateful for it being in our lives, pharmacy school is not on my love list.


  1. sometimes low-key is just the right amount. enjoy and happy day of love to you and your man!

    1. Low-key is definitely perfect sometimes! Especially after a long week haha. Hope you had a wonderful day of love as well!! :)