Friday, February 3, 2012

the Woman in Black

Do you guys want to see the Woman in Black? I do. Although it looks spooky as all get out and I am a HUGE baby, my man Daniel Radcliffe is in it and I have to support my Harry Potter alumni. So much love for all the cast. I wish them nothing but great success in their post-hp careers. The movie comes out today so go see it if you feel like getting scared or seeing HP without glasses.

And on that note, guess who finished her recent sewing project that just so happens to coordinate perfectly with today's movie release? Me, obviously.

BOOM, favorite outfit ever. Seriously. I love this outfit. I have wanted a good pencil skirt for SO LONG, but have had the hardest time finding one that fit/wasn't $100+. This skirt cost me $9 (NINE BONE$ Y'ALL, sooo cheap) to make and it fits perfectly. It's black corduroy and so comfy. It was a breeze to make, aside from the fact that I somehow sewed the zipper on the wrong side. Rules about zippers are dumb anyways. I plan on making more of these skirts. It was so easy! I knocked it out last night after work, fabric cutting and everything. I am thinking something like this next.

That shirt on the other hand, was a pain in the ass to make.

This picture is lame, but you can see the detail of the shirt a little better. You can also see Greg coming in from the great bright beyond that is behind our blinds. Obviously it's an entrance to a parallel universe.

Chiffon is easily the most irritating and frustrating fabric I have ever sewn on. Ever. I almost gave up and ripped that shirt to pieces so many times. Cutting the fabric was ridiculous. I had to cut the collars twice because the fabric shifted the first time and the pieces did not match up at all. Chiffon also does not like be pressed. It wouldn't hold a crease for anything (on the bright side, it's pretty much wrinkle free) which made sewing the hems and facings a pain. This shirt took me forever, simply because it was constantly sliding around everywhere and being really stupid.

But I LOVE the finished product. I had to alter the original pattern to take out the bow and switch the button closure from the back to the front. I lengthened the key hole opening in the front to make it a bit... sexier. HA. It is cute wearing unbuttoned as well, it makes it a lot more casual. I also didn't use any interfacing to stiffen up the collar as obviously I was going for something sheer. And sheer it is! It definitely requires wearing a little something underneath. Unless you're going for that whole show off your bra look, which I am not.

As always, a sewing post is not complete without a cat. Or a giant picture of my face.

And this might have happened...

Not sure at all what's going on there. I'm sure my cats found it amusing. Someone needs to take those sunglasses away from me.

Next up on the project list: BUILDING AN EASEL. That's right. It's finally happening. I'm going down to my dads tomorrow after work to hopefully knock it out. Wish me luck and safety near power tools, I would love to come back with all my fingers and limbs intact.


  1. So I've been creepin on your blog and I love all the clothes you've been making! It's great! I am a little confused though, do you buy fabric that comes with patterns to show you how to make that fabric into an article of clothing? Or are you just winging it and making clothes??

    1. Thank you! I buy patterns and they have measurements for the amount of fabric you need on the back. After I have a pattern I want to make I go buy whatever fabric/hardware I need. They usually recommend a type of fabric to use, but it's really up to you. Each pattern comes with a few variations or pieces so you just get whatever you need for whichever version/part you're making. It's cool because the options are pretty much endless. And then from there you can change the pattern up and do your own thing, that's my favorite part!

      I wish I was good enough to just wing it! I'd love to, and hope to eventually, learn how to make my own patterns. That was a long answer, hope it made sense haha.