Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Professional Putt-putters

Yesterday we finally ventured out to Peter Pan Mini Golf. We had been swearing we'd go since we moved here over the summer but it was 109 degrees everyday, so we decided to wait for nicer weather. And months and months went by and nice weather happened (occasionally) but we never made it out. Yesterday, nice weather happened and we finally put two and two together and got our mini-golf on.

The obstacles/decor are pretty elaborate. There was actually a sculptor there creating a new piece for one of the holes, she was taking advantage of the nice weather as well. It was so cool!

There are two courses, an east and a west course. We did the west, which I thought was pretty challenging. But let's be real, I am terrible at mini golf. Or any sport. Regardless, I had a blast. If you're in the mood for putt-putt and are in Austin, go to Peter Pan. PLUS, it's byob (!!!), so we rolled up with a four pack of mini-wine bottles and a giant natural light for Brendon. We always keep it classy. And I must apologize for the wonky exposures/whatever of our photos, we were being mostly ridiculous and our camera skills were MIA.

 Game face on. Also, apparently this is my golfing stance? I should reevaluate that because it wasn't working.

Brendon had slightly more luck skill.

Ridiculous? That's my hole-in-two victory kneel. It happened twice.

Does this photo creep you out? There is an even creepier version that I decided to spare you dear readers from.

And of course, us with the man him self, Peter. I wasn't quite brave enough to climb him. Thanks to the giggly kids, who I swear could not be old enough for their lone stars, for taking our picture.

After wrecking shop at the mini-golf course, we headed across the street to a park on the lake.

That little mass in the water was a bunch of turtles sunning on a little rock! CUTE! Also, my hair is not that color. And I am not that pale. Yes I am. Brendon called me Snow White last night after looking at my feet. THANKS BABE.

We live in such a beautiful city. I love it more everyday.

Oh and these pictures happened:

 There are actually like three or four more pictures of him in other equally ridiculous poses. What a goof. I have to give the man props though, he's been working out like crazy and has got some serious muscles. And he is never going to let me forget I typed that sentence. Last night, I believe after this muscle photo shoot, he told me that I HAVE to start working out to save my bone density or some crap. I laughed. Physical activity is for the birds.

Where is Denton?

Pretty pretty pretty!

We went for a little walk down by Town Lake (or whats it called now? Lady Bird Lake?) and nearly got stampeded by all the runners and people with dogs. SO many runners and SOOO many dogs. My favorite was this pudgy bull dog who was walking waddling behind his human and seriously looked like he may just pass out. He waddled over to us and we pet him for a bit to give him a little break, walking is rough.

We had a little dinner at Pluckers (YUM) and then came home to watch a movie. I passed out within like twenty minutes at about 9:00. I had been up since 4 something am and had a whole two glasses mini-bottles of wine and a little bit of a monstrous beer (Brendon drank all of his and 75% of mine. Those mugs were stupid big.) at Pluckers. You know I can't hang. It was time for sleep. But it was a wonderful afternoon/night with my husband. It was so good to hang out and relax with him, something that really hasn't happened since the semester started. No fair. Summer! Get here quick! I want more dates!

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