Monday, February 27, 2012

Hula Huttin'

Yesterday we had an early birthday celebration for Brendon with his momma and little bro. We had dinner at Hula Hut (so good, if you're in Austin, eat there) and then some coffee at Mozart's (not impressed, but I guess I'm biased) after. The weather was perfect for hanging out by the lake, we had a blast!

AJ always has the craziest poses. And I was diggin' his cookie monster shirt.

This is one of the few pictures in existence where Brendon is actually smiling. And I am a giggle-monster because Brendon's mom said he looked constipated in the first take. Deb is a genius. Got the boy to smile!

Those ridiculous things on a plate in front of Brendon are "dessert nachos". They were yummy. Basically just sweet chips with whipped cream on them. I love whipped cream.

 If you donate two dollars to a "local charity" this GIANT fish comes alive. It's eyes light up red, it's head starts moving, and it squirts water out of it's mouth. For a finale a whole bunch of bubbles come up behind it. Gassy fish I guess.

DANG, who's that cutie in plaid??

As always it was great to spend time with our family and nice to have an evening where studying for pharmacy school was not involved. More nights like this please!

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