Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hello February & the family plants

I was so excited about my last sewing post that I forgot to welcome February into our lives! Can you believe we're already a month into 2012? Jeeze, time is flying.

There are tons of wonderful things happening this month. Valentine's Day! Then my Daddio's birthday! Then my hubby's birthday! AAAAND my best friend Kristy and her beautiful daughter Kennedy are coming to stay with us for 4 days!

 The Chasaks way back in 2010

Although Ryan won't be able to come, I am so excited to have some girl time with Kristy and Kennedy! I haven't seen them since we moved. That is way too long. I can't wait to see how much Kennedy has grown! We're going to have a blast!

There is also a possibility of a few of my other northern friends venturing down south to visit this month! February you are so good to me and you haven't even started yet.

I wanted to take a minute of your internet time and introduce you to a few members of the Hogan family who have yet to make an appearance on the blog. Our plants. Yes, our plants. Did I just venture into crazy territory?

Meet Spike, Norbert, Teasley, and Herbert! They live on our little kitchen window sill. They are Brendon's babies (he loves plants), but I like them too and I even water them sometimes.

We got Spike this past fall on our first trip to the Round Rock ikea. He just sprouted up his first bloom shoot thingy, we're so proud. He got stuck with a truly unoriginal name, but I like it because it makes me think of Spike in the Land Before Time.  

Norbert is our newest acquisition, we got him last week at ikea (noticing a trend here? Brendon cannot leave that place without a plant). He is a "dragon tree" so Brendon named him Norbert after Hagrid's Norwegian Ridgeback he adopted unknowingly from Voldemort in exchange for info on how to subdue Fluffy the three-headed dog guarding the trap door that led to the sorcerer's stone... Whoa super long sentence and too much HP for you? Get real, there's never too much HP.  

Teasley is our oldest plant. We got her a few years ago at ikea. She is actually huge, but we recently broke her into pieces and replanted her. Don't worry, she's a succulent so she recovered perfectly from the surgery and is thriving. She is named after the street we lived on for 3 wonderful years in Denton. When we moved down to Austin, she rode in a cupholder in my car in between me and Sophie. She is my favorite.  

Herbert is the first plant we got in Austin and the only one not from ikea. We picked him up for a couple bucks at our local HEB over the summer. Hence the name Herbert! He is getting so tall, I'm thinking we need to re-pot him asap.

When I lived in my little one bedroom apartment on Teasley Lane we had a bunch of big porch plants, but they all got freaking HUGE and out of control. Then it froze a bunch over the winter and they died. We're better with house plants.

Entirely too much info on a few plants? Probably. But they're cute right?? It's the little things y'all.


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    1. I love it too! It's the fanciest out of the bunch. I think we got it at Lowe's. It's such a pretty color!