Monday, February 13, 2012

Hair evolution

After blogging almost daily for a while, I apologize for my absence of a few days. Yes I know you didn't notice, but whatever. I like blogging. It gives me a chance to put random things that are bouncing around in my head somewhere and it gives all my loved ones who seem to always be miles and miles away a way to "Keep up with the Hogans". Ha ha.

Hello internet, meet sleepy Marie. Make up is not required and wild hair is preferred.

I am alive! These past few days have felt busy; full of working, family, missing my husband, and cuddling with him (and a couple of kitties) when I see him. And maybe some watching Breaking Dawn Part 1 (don't hate). I have felt a little off lately, and I'm not sure why. Brendon is stressed about his first round of exams so maybe that's rubbing off on me. I don't know, but I'm in a little funk! Maybe it's this dreary weather.

Speaking of weather, it snowed yesterday! In AUSTIN! Lame, sleety snow, that only lasted maybe a couple hours, but it happened. It started while I was at work and sleeted/snowed on my drive home. Crossing the river there were big fluffy balls of snow falling. It was really pretty, I should have pulled over and taken a picture. It may never happen again! It's supposed to be in the 70's all week. I think yesterday was our last day of "winter". And I'm kind of okay with that. I'm ready for spring!

Let's talk hair. In reference to my "wild hair" above, I haven't cut my hair since September. It's been about half a year since I did this:

And I'm not really looking to cut my hair anytime soon. I'd love to have it waist length, but we'll see. I've got a few split ends and my bangs are beyond grown out, but I like it. I wear my hair up almost everyday anyway. I maybe style my hair once a month. Maybe. Super weird, considering that a year ago I had to straighten my hair every single day (thanks Hooters). Crazy how much can change in just a year. And I'm sure my hair is thankful, it's pretty dang healthy.

The last time my hair was this long was a few years ago and it was super fried from dying it all the time and attacking it with heat everyday. So in effort to salvage my "do" and keep it from feeling like straw, in early 2009 after dying my hair basically black I stopped dying my hair.

Let's examine this photo. First of all, my sisters hair was SO LONG. Second, I don't know what look I was going for (the Megan Fox?) but black hair, blue eyes, and fake tanned pale freckled skin is not a good combo for me. I look a tad bit scary. Also, hello kitty! That is Figaro, my sister's cat that was once mine. She likes my sister better. The doggie is Sweetie, my sisters boxer who has crossed the rainbow bridge and is in puppy heaven eating lots of dinner scraps and laying on couches with her sister, my golden retriever Brandy.

Anywho, that fall I chopped a good portion of my hair off because most of it still was super unhealthy and gross. And Brendon likes short hair for some reason. I think because when we first started dating my hair was short.

I kept it short for a while. If you've ever had short hair you know that the style grows out super fast so you have to cut it often. And it is sooo tempting to go shorter and shorter. Which I did. It was fun and my head was lighter. Then Brendon popped the question in March of 2010 and I was like, dang I better grow this nonsense out for the wedding. And so I did. And haven't stopped.

And that you guys, is the evolution of my wild hair. The last few years anyways. One day we'll talk about when I was a redhead and a blonde. My hair has been all kinds of colors but I prefer my natural brown for sure. Some times I look back at pictures of me in my more "fabulous" hair days, and I miss it. Sometimes I really want to throw in some highlights. But mostly I love my hair now. It's healthy and shiny and compliments my extreme paleness pretty well I think. Even if it is usually a hot mess.

And yes, I just wrote an entire blog about hair. One day we'll cover deeper topics I swear.

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