Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekend wrap up, a couple days late

The past two days I have felt like crap. Literally sick. I'm not sure if I got a stomach bug or if my tummy is just being unusually horrid to me, but it has sucked. I'm leaning towards the latter of the two. As if my stomach problems didn't interfere with my life enough; this was seriously over the line. So I guess it is time for another trip to the doctor. HURRAY. Can they just trade out my insides for someone else's? Please?

But on the bright side, while I was feeling real lame there was something on TV to entertain me. The Superbowl! Can I type that legally? We watched it mostly for the commercials, I didn't even know who was playing until the day before. Football is not our thing. The commercials were okay and the game was pretty good I guess. But I thought half time was wonderful. People are giving Madonna a lot of flack for supposedly "lip-synching" but I couldn't tell if she was and that woman knocked it out of the park. She looked great and was highly entertaining. After last years truly terrible performance by the Black Eyed Pea's (how embarrassing that it was in Dallas too!), I was really impressed. Plus apparently M.I.A. flicked the camera off and we thought we heard her say "shit" so yay for stickin' it to the man. HA. I love me some M.I.A., have you seen her new video? I think it's amazing.

Obviously that's how I drive the Xterra down 35 everyday. Two wheels y'all. Really though, can someone teach me how to drive a car like that? I'm intrigued. Also, I'm not 100% sure what swag is, but I think she has it.

Before I started feeling sick this weekend, I squeezed in some good times. Friday night my momma-in-law and my little bro-in-law came up for a wild night at Gatti Land. Even though the place was packed, we had a blast playing games and winning tickets. Deb got really good at the motorcycle racing game. Like 1st place good. I was seriously impressed. Brendon tried it, got like 7th, then declared that the game was broken. Of course.

Excuse the plethora of phone pics. It's just so handy!

How cute is this? Mother and son, racing the night away.

Mr. H and I played big game hunter a few times. I'm terrible at it and he's great. He kept wanting to play games with me that he knew he'd win. Someone is just a tad competitive I think.

And remember over the summer when I said I was going to build an easel?

CHECK THIS PUPPY OUT. So legit. With lots of help from my daddio (who is the grand master of projects, I get it from him you guys), we finally made it happen. We put this beauty together Saturday. This thing is a monster. It's huge. So huge it is still at my dad's house because it wouldn't fit in my car. And everything fits in my car. It is so seriously awesome you guys. Hands down the coolest easel ever. Bask in it's radiance.

For some size comparison, here I am standing next to it. It dwarfs me and I'm a fairly tall girl. I'm about 5'8", so that things gotta be 7+ feet tall. It's beautiful. More details to come when it actually makes it to my apartment. NO idea where it's going to go. Probably the living room. So feng shui (is that still a thing?).

And while I was down in NB building the easel, I got to see my momma as well for a little bit (although at that point I was a sleepy zombie). Family time is so good! If I had seen my sister I would have gotten the whole family into the weekend! 
All in all, I'd say it was a pretty dang good weekend. The good parts definitely outweighed the bad.

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