Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So sometime last week, the wedding madness reached its peak and took over our lives. It's still going strong but slowly but surely we are finishing everything up. And seeing it all come together is awesome after all the work. A year ago when we first started planning this all seemed so distant and unachievable, but now we're doing it!

Wedding shenanigans have taken over my desk!

Brendon said something sweet the other day that reminded me that this was all going to be worth it, he said,"I like that we're not doing things because great aunt Susie says we have to, we're doing things we want to do. Things for us." This wedding will definitely not be traditional, the name of the game is having a good, memorable, time. We've put a lot of hours, work, and heart into making it something special and I'm hoping it will come across as very "us". Can't wait to see it all in action! We've got 10 days! I am so excited!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brendon the running fiend

Check out my boo (and it looks like someone's puking behind him)! He did his first 5k this weekend and did so well! He did it in 28 min 7 seconds or something and came in 11th out of 300 people. What a badass. I am so proud, and envious. I am so lazy! I wish I had the drive he does, he's been getting up at 6:45am to go run before work. Whaaaat? Such a boss.

He's doing the warrior dash this weekend, which makes me super nervous. They like jump over fire, crawl through mud under barbed wire, and all kinds of crazy stuff! Ridic! He better finish safe and sound, or I'll kill him haha. They get these very cool viking helmets too! It should be a fun day, there will be beer and bands and lots crazy people. Sounds like a good time. I'll be spectating/biting my nails/praying he survives/chugging beers. Jk about the beers.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wedding shower

Who knew wedding showers could be so fun? This was the first I've been to, and as a bride haha, so I didn't know what to expect but it was a lot of fun. Big thank you to my wonderful sister for throwing it! I don't know what you're "supposed" to do at a shower, but we just hung out, caught up, snacked, and drank mimosas. Lots of laughing, lots of goodness. And then we opened presents, and my friends spoiled me rotten.

Me and my cat cup! They know me too well.

It was fantastic and so fun to have everyone together again, minus our dear friend Toni who was out of town for the weekend but she was there in spirit! We all used to work together almost daily, but now most of us have moved on to other things (me included come June 1st!) so we don't get to see each other as much as we used to. Can't wait for round two at my bachelorette party!

My mom, sister, step-mom, and future mom-in-law also came for the shower and the weekend! I can never see them enough. Very soon we will be so much closer to home, and we can see them much more often! So strange that the next time we'll be home will be for the wedding. I can't believe how quickly time has passed. So much to do and so little time!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Well, I had a tumblr (still do). But I've found often it's too much "reblogging", too little originality, and too little text for my taste. So, here I am with a new blog and a new place to put my thoughts, which today are centered around wedding shenanigans and headaches. I have seriously had a headache at some point everyday for the last two weeks. Thanks spring, but it's getting old real quick.

In the mean time, weddings are a lot of work. We're getting hitched three weeks from Saturday and there is an insane amount of stuff to do before then. BUH. Why didn't I hire a wedding planner? I'm super duper excited though. It's going to be a blast! AND I get to marry such a badass. YAY!