Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brendon the running fiend

Check out my boo (and it looks like someone's puking behind him)! He did his first 5k this weekend and did so well! He did it in 28 min 7 seconds or something and came in 11th out of 300 people. What a badass. I am so proud, and envious. I am so lazy! I wish I had the drive he does, he's been getting up at 6:45am to go run before work. Whaaaat? Such a boss.

He's doing the warrior dash this weekend, which makes me super nervous. They like jump over fire, crawl through mud under barbed wire, and all kinds of crazy stuff! Ridic! He better finish safe and sound, or I'll kill him haha. They get these very cool viking helmets too! It should be a fun day, there will be beer and bands and lots crazy people. Sounds like a good time. I'll be spectating/biting my nails/praying he survives/chugging beers. Jk about the beers.

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