Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So sometime last week, the wedding madness reached its peak and took over our lives. It's still going strong but slowly but surely we are finishing everything up. And seeing it all come together is awesome after all the work. A year ago when we first started planning this all seemed so distant and unachievable, but now we're doing it!

Wedding shenanigans have taken over my desk!

Brendon said something sweet the other day that reminded me that this was all going to be worth it, he said,"I like that we're not doing things because great aunt Susie says we have to, we're doing things we want to do. Things for us." This wedding will definitely not be traditional, the name of the game is having a good, memorable, time. We've put a lot of hours, work, and heart into making it something special and I'm hoping it will come across as very "us". Can't wait to see it all in action! We've got 10 days! I am so excited!

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