Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Brendon!

Today the dear man I love turns twenty-four!!! Can you believe it?? Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating your eighteenth and then your twenty-first! Time flies when you're having fun! Before you know it you'll be turning 74 and we'll be old farts and our age will finally match our lifestyle.

I could go on about how great you are forever, so I'll try to keep this short and sweet. I am so thankful that twenty-four years ago you came into this world (big shout out to your parents!). You are the best friend and husband ever and the smartest, cutest, and funniest guy I know. You make this world a brighter and more interesting place. And you make me happy. Really happy. Because you are so damn wonderful and you treat me like a princess. And because you do things like this:

Order crazy (nasty) drinks at restaurants just so we can get the toy that comes with them. Sorry I just put this picture on the internet.

You are the best and I love dat ass to death. Happy birthday Mr. Hogan! Now ditch pharmacy school and come home and celebrate!

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