Monday, December 19, 2016

Holiday photos 2016

Every year we try to do something fun for our holiday card photos. And this year, we had THREE Hogans to sit for a photo! And one of those Hogans is a 10 month old who does not like staying still. So I had grand plans, but as we take them ourselves and were crunched on time (how do we never do this early enough??), we kinda had to just roll with it. We got PJ's from Target and sat outside on a blanket with some Christmas lights. Boom, that's it. I'm not sure if we'll ever be able to top the Buddy the Elf and Jovie photos or the creepy one from last year where our we unabashedly showed our weirdness, but I'm still happy with how these came out!

This one is extra blurry but I love Indiana's face. Like, "ew."

That one was the winner, we're all looking at the camera and no one (Indy...) has their belly out. We probably could have taken more but my camera battery died and I was just like, WHATEVER WE WILL MAKE THESE WORK. Because we were alllll over it at that point and cars were driving by and it was just done. Maybe next year we'll have someone take our photos for us, because a self timer PLUS baby wrangling is exhausting.

And bonus, Indiana with Christmas lights. She was very into them.

Lemme just taste this one real quick, it looks yummy. BABIES EAT EVERYTHING.

Indiana's first Christmas card! Here are the past years' photos, if you're really into seeing our faces. ;)

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