Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Indiana's first birthday party!

On Saturday we celebrated Indiana's birthday! I had no idea what a first birthday party entailed aside from a baby eating some cake, but I think we did an okay job!

We had it at our friends the Brunell's house here in Temple. Have I talked about the Brunell's lately? About how great they are? About how they save our butts and sanity regularly? About how Indiana loses her mind in happiness whenever BB comes over? Anyway, the Brunells are our Fairy Godfamily and we are so lucky they have let us into their lives. They're much more like family than friends at this point. We love them.

Anyway they were nice enough to let us use their casa for the party. We went with a cat theme because Indiana LOVES cats. I mean, what else do you do for a first birthday? We were like, uhhh what does Indiana like? Food? Chewing on things? CATS! She likes cats! I found some cat stuff online and then cut up out all the cat faces from last years calendar and hung them up. She loved it, everyone looked cute in their cat ears, I think it was a success.

YEAH, putting those monthly photos to work!

Cats, everywhere.

I never seem to get over the fact that our family and friends are willing to travel so far to celebrate with us. So many folks traveled to be with us and it means so much. I tried to take lots of photos but when it's your kid's party and you're trying to take pictures, it just doesn't happen the way you want. I see why people who have the means pay folks to photograph these sorta things! But I snagged a few shots! Terribly candid mostly, but that's how I roll.

Can you tell they're related? SAME HAIR.

I baked thirty-six cupcakes. All while Indiana was wreaking havoc in the kitchen. I'm telling you this because IT WAS HARD AND I AM PROUD. HA! Also, look at those cat cups! Cats in party hats! The internet is an amazing place.

I also made Indiana's cake, which is a "mom" cake. Like, a banana oat flour maple syrup cake. No cane sugar. Also it's four layers? I am a huge weirdo, I know. It wasn't that pretty or yummy. She mostly just ate the icing and the blackberries. The best part was when she tried to flip it off the plate onto the floor.

Muchos gracias to Brendon's boss who suggested that maybe we should get in a picture with her. THANK YOU. Otherwise there would not have been a single photo of us together, much less any of me.

Cake selfies! Gah I love them. Best friends' offspring together, even if they're six years apart, is the greatest. Shoulda done it sooner, sorry y'all! ;) Also why is Dallas so far?

I know babies are supposed to just "smash" their first cake, but she's really into forks and was much happier when it appeared. She's a classy lady like that.

First party down, 18 to go! Haha. Let us hope when Indiana is a teenager she still lets us throw her parties! We had a really wonderful time. She was spoiled rotten with love and gifts and I just always feel so overwhelmed after things like this. I feel undeserving, but so thankful. I'm so so glad we are raising our baby surrounded by good people. People who love and adore her. She is in the best company, as are we. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came. It was such a good day and you guys are why. Well, y'all and that baby. ;)

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