Tuesday, February 23, 2016

One month!

Super baby! To infinity, and beyond!

Switching out the looong preggo updates for looong monthly baby updates. You knew this was coming.

But oh my gosh, can you believe that Indiana is already a month old? WHAT! How is that possible?? It seems like last week I was pregnant as hell and wishing she'd show up. And what a month it has been! The first week was a sleepy dreamy haze. Actually the first couple weeks. Figuring out what a baby is and how you care for them. Which wasn't too bad! Homegirl slept sooo much and I just basically stared at her in disbelief. That still happens. Everyday she progressively becomes more awake and aware, although she still looooves to sleep, just not always when we want her to. ;) The sleep deprivation is real though, but so worth it. I'm also a terrible napper, so that sleep when she sleeps thing rarely happens. Which is totally my bad, but hey, I'll sleep when I'm dead. 

Being a mom came pretty naturally to me, which I didn't expect. I was a little nervous since I'm insanely awkward with kids and have held maybe two babies in my whole life. But with Indiana being a mom just happened. Don't get me wrong, I still have no real clue what I'm doing, but stepping into the "motherhood" role came easier than I expected. Also, I think she's a relatively easy baby so maybe I'm cheating.

She's the sweetest thing though you guys. We are obviously so obsessed. She really doesn't full on cry too often but she is a CHAMPION grunter. Anyone who has been around her knows, she is not quiet. She just grunts away, she loves making noise. She loves sleeping on her mom, eating alllll the time, spitting up milk, and pooping/peeing on her dad. Terrible with a pacifier, she can't keep that thing in her mouth for squat. Awesome in the car and out and about, thank goodness. We've already taken her all over Temple! Though she tends to get over stimulated and overwhelmed when lots of folks are visiting. Not that she gets mad, she just doesn't like to nap when exciting things are happening which leads to a grumpy sleepy baby later. This is mostly our fault, we are still surprisingly very busy. Everyone and their mom wants to see her, it feels like everyday she's had a guest. Which tends to throw off what little routine we have. (Let's be real, there's no routine.) I love that so many sweet people want to see her and love on her, but if I could do it again that first month we'd take it much easier. Limit the number of folks coming over and have more time with just the three of us, which seems rude but it really seems to wear her out. And I know it wears me out.  

Indiana's biggest real complaint in life, if she could voice an opinion, would be digestive issues. She's definitely got some reflux and she's still learning how to deal with gas and, well, pooping. It's so frustrating to watch her wriggle around and struggle through it. Seeing your child unhappy and not being able to help, that's something I wasn't ready for. Kisses and cuddles forever though. Also her poops and toots are hilariously loud and I will forever laugh at them. Because I am a child raising a baby.

Anyway, mostly Indiana just hangs out! Snoozing, eating, and grunting. Putting up with her parents kissing her nonstop. Watching an obscene amount of Netflix with me. She's gaining weight like a champ. This past week she grew out of newborn onesies. I was in denial for a while, squeezing her into those tiny things. But she's on to the next size, whether I like it or not. She lives in onesies, because pants are way too complicated. Some of those little outfits are so cute, but such a pain in the butt to put on/take off. Ain't nobody got time for that! And luckily Texas is boycotting winter (we've had that ac on for weeks) so just a onesie is perfect!

Please please please keep those blue eyes! I think she looks so much like Brendon, I want her to keep her blue eyes so she has something of me. Taking pictures was a challenge because homegirl LOVES to move! And she's far stronger than I ever thought a baby could be. The kicks to the stomach/boobs, phew. Epic. Also you can't see it here, but she's got an excellent mullet. Long thick hair at the very back, pretty thin everywhere else. Party on, Indy.

The gun show is to the right, clearly. Getting chubbier every day! GOODNESS I love that little human! She's just the cutest and sweetest poop machine in the world.

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