Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Brendon!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Hogan! I'm a day late, but since it's a leap year I get a pass, right?

I felt like a major slacker this year on the birthday game. I love birthdays and I like to make them special, but this year... you know. New baby. I'm a mess. But, I think we still had a good day? I did anyway. ;)

I made Boy Wonder a breakfast taco feast, then we went to the mall in Killeen because I wanted to take him shopping at the Gap for some new pants, and then we get there and the Gap is closed?!? What the heck? That was the only decent clothing store near us and it's gone. Story of our life. So that was a bust. But we did get to nosh on veggie burgers at Red Robin. Brendon always gets burgers on his birthday. When we lived in Denton I think we went to Red Robin for multiple Brendon Birthdays. I want the fancy stuff on my birthday, he wants burgers, fries, and beer.

So after the mostly pointless trip to Killeen, we headed home. I made a deal with Brendon that we could watch whatever he wanted on his birthday (watching movies and Netflix is as crazy as we get lately) so he picked Conspiracy Theory and then we restarted watching the Office. Goodbye what little social life we had. And we set up the breast pump and Brendon gave Indiana her first bottle! She wasn't a fan.

WILDNESS, I tell you. The wildest birthday ever, surely. Well, maybe that one year we went to Black Eyed Pea for my birthday wins the prize...

Oh and of course there was cake! I made a ridiculously large lemon-orange chiffon cake. It was pretty good! Just reeeeeally big. Everyone at the VA, prepare yourself for leftovers. Aaaaand we dressed Indiana up as Stitch, which was dangerously cute. Brendon loves Lilo and Stitch. It's such a random Disney movie, I love that he loves it. I'm certain this is the first of many Disney dress up days for her.

Indiana snoozed through the par-tay. I can't blame her, being 5 weeks old sounds rough.

So happy birthday, Brendon! We sure are glad you were born 28 years ago. I could gush about you for hours, but I think everyone's sick of hearing about how much I adore you and how wonderful you are. (I LOVE YOU SOOooOOoooOOOo MUCH AND YOU ARE THE BEST AT EVERYTHING! THANK YOU FOR EXISTING!) Hurray for another year of life I get to share with you!

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