Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter! Indiana's first, obviously. We tried to get her to dye some eggs, but she wasn't interested. She did get a very cute floppy bunny from her Nana though! I foresee these two being buddies.

Cool thing alert, that blanket she's laying on was one of my baby blankets. There are pictures of me as a newborn in that thing! I think one of my great-grandmas made it, there's another white one too. So neat to use these for my baby!

That photo is kinda blurry, but I just can't handle that sweet face!

And as is tradition, egg dying! Although I just realized if the Easter Bunny is going to be hiding these eggs for a certain someone we're going to have to start dying them a day earlier!

I know I've talked about how much Indiana loves her daddy, but here's proof:

Is that baby not in love with her daddy?? I swear, she saves those looks for him. I'm going to have trouble on my hands with those two.

We did a "24 Carrot" egg dying kit this year. The gold stuff was mostly a pain, it was all sticky and bubbly. Maybe just regular eggs next year.

Typical Easter. Dye eggs. Take a few pictures with them. Peel those suckers. Devil 'em. Eat too many. And we tried to take an Easter selfie, but selfies with a baby are challenging! This is as good as it got:

We need to work on Indy's selfie game. But blurry or not, I still love it! Hope you guys had a great Easter if you celebrate!

Easter through the years, they're all pretty much exactly the same. Old habits die hard. Or should I say DYE hard. Har har har.

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