Friday, March 25, 2016


Twenty-eight! It seems like a happy number, does it not? Nice and even. Twenty-seven was a crazy good life changing year. I got pregnant, Brendon graduated, I quit my job, we moved to Temple, and then, duh, had the cutest baby in the world. Twenty-seven was pretty spectactular, but I suspect twenty-eight will be even better. Maybe has something to do with that little smooshy thing in my lap.

I had a wonderful birthday full of good things. I got to go on a run (thank you, Becky!), I'm up to two miles people. Woo. Indiana napped like a champ and was such a happy baby all day. I mean, she usually is, but dang, she was working those charms yesterday. I got to make a real lunch (pasta!), Brendon came home on time from work (!), he spoiled me rotten, we went out for dinner (pasta again!), and we got to watch half a movie when we got home! Oh and there was cake. Cake always means a good day.

Yellow cake with chocolate icing will always hold a special place in my heart. It's been one of my favorites since I was little bitty!

In between the previous picture and the next, Indiana spit up all over the both of us. There's even a photo of it. But it's gross. Funny, but gross. So no sharing on the internet.

Such a good day! OH and we forgot to bust out the birthday crown until we were basically asleep sooo:

For traditions sake. You're welcome.

I'm ready for you 28! I think you're going to be pretty dang amazing.

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