Monday, April 4, 2016

Salado Wine Festival

Saturday we went to the Salado Wine Festival with Brendon's momma. The weather was perfect (spring in Texas, right??) and it was so much fun. TONS of local wineries, lots of food and goodies vendors, and live music! You bought a glass and sampling tickets and picked which wineries and wines you wanted to try. Very neat, we will have to go again next year for sure.

Again, spring in Texas. It's pretty unbeatable. Thanks to all that rain we got this winter, we're having the greenest spring and the wildflowers this year... DANG! Salado is a cute little town along a creek, lots of fun shops and restaurants. You'd never know it driving by it on I35, because that section of 35 is literally THE WORST. The construction... and there's an accident that shuts the whole thing down what seems like every other week. But just a block or so away from the highway, there's a cute little town! It's so close to Temple, but we always forget about it. Memo to self, venture down south more often.

Anyway, that awesome little grove of trees made for a perfect spot for our first outdoor nursing experience!

And we're finally figuring out the timing on feeding/bottles/pumping so that I can have a big girl drink every now and then! We're like, okay so if she eats now... and then I have a drink... and then she can have a bottle... and I can pump later.. Like I said, still figuring the logistics out. This was also our first real trip out with the stroller, she usually hangs in the sling. But the stroller was awesome! That thing is a smooooooth ride. She took a big ol' nap. Also, must give major kudos for my offspring for being such a champ out and about. She lost it a little at dinner, but I don't blame her. We played hard all day and she kept her cool until the very end. She's the best.

Holdin' those wine glasses down.

Deb spoiled us rotten all day!

After the festival we wandered down to some of the shops, Salado really is a cute town!

Daddy of the year. All day every day.

It was a very fun day! I can't get enough of this good weather. We only get brief bouts of this weather before the summer heat sets in, so we gotta enjoy it while we can!

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