Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring at home

This weekend Indiana made her first overnight trip! My Aunt Kathy from Maryland was here visiting my dad and step-mom so of course we had to stop by! We headed down to New Braunfels Saturday morning and stayed the night. I was a little (okay, a lot) nervous about how Indiana would do overnight but as always, she was a rockstar. She definitely did have a bit of a meltdown during her witching hour, but honestly that's pretty normal, even at home. She was mostly her happy charming self and slept pretty great at night. I think I was more stressed out than she was, haha! She's an adaptable little thing.

Spring has definitely sprung at the "Brooks Farm", it's wildflower city! My dad has done so much work on his land, it's such a little slice of paradise. Especially when covered with flowers!


Boy Wonder has to climb on everything, of course!

Mini-donkeys, living the life. Grazing on green grass in the shade.

Whitey! The craziest pet turkey around. Maybe the oldest? They usually only live for a few years, but this guys going on five! He'll outlive us all.

And of course, a little Indiana who is never in short supply of someone willing to love on her:

And my Aunt Kathy! It was so good to see her. We are the only Brookses in Texas, it stinks being so far from everyone. I definitely think we'll need to make a trip up to Maryland soon so Indy can meet her crazy Brooks side of the family. ;)

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