Friday, April 29, 2016

Five years

Five years ago was the best day ever. Well, maybe tied with the day Indiana was born. More partying at weddings though. Less pain. ;) It was such a perfect and happy day, one of those days you wish you could relive over and over.

Marrying Brendon is at the tippy top of my "good decisions" list. It's made me happier than I ever thought was possible, and I've also laughed a whole bunch. In five years we've been through a lot. A couple big moves, a few jobs, we were broke as a joke, put in lots of hard work, dug ourselves out of the hole, got a new car, someone got a doctorate, went vegetarian, got hooked on running, went on so many fun trips and adventures, aaaaand we made a baby. Plus lots of snuggles and smooches and shenanigans. I'd say it's been a reeeeally good five years.

This has definitely been the craziest year of marriage with the biggest changes. But so good! Every year is better than the last generally. This one though, it came with Indiana so it gets gold stars.

Being married to Brendon has never been hard, but sometimes (a lot of times) life isn't a cake walk. Having a baby is different and very real sort of challenge for our marriage. Mostly, I miss my husband. Bedtime for Indiana starts around seven these days and by the time she's asleep I'm ready to be doing the same. Which only gives us a few hours together after Dr. H gets home from work. And those are usually filled with Brendon squeezing in all the time with Indy he can get while I make dinner and try to find some rare minutes to myself. It's tough. I miss lounging around with him, watching movies, playing board games, just relaxing. Me and him. Don't get me wrong, Indiana is the bomb and the best and we're so lucky she's ours. But she's also a lotta work! Worth it of course, seeing Brendon with our daughter is magic, but I do miss him. Weekends though, those are what's up. Weekends forever please!!

But every day and week and month with Indiana gets easier and more fun. And we are a family!! Of three! I can't wait to see how we grow together. This next year of marriage will be full of more challenges but also full of very good things. As long as we are together, it will be good. And probably funny.

Cheers to five years of love and adventures, Brendon! You're my favorite and the cutest and sweetest and I can't imagine doing life with anyone else. So glad you picked me. Love you forever. And I'm SO glad our anniversary fell on a weekend. :)

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