Monday, May 2, 2016

Texas Discovery Gardens

WOO, I'm a little backlogged on documenting our little adventures. Something to do with a certain baby who refuses to nap anywhere but on her mama I think. ;)

A couple weeks ago we went up to Dallas for our honorary niece Kennedy's 6th birthday party. This is the first birthday we've been able to attend since her first! We were so happy to have been able to make it, plus we got to see some of Kristy and Kennedy's family we hadn't seen since we lived up there! It was an excellent trip, minus driving up in the crazy storms. This spring has been a wet one for Texas!

Aaaand these photos were taken on my iPhone because we forgot the real camera. WHOOPS.

Kennedy's birthday was at Texas Discovery Gardens which has a butterfly house, a whole bunch of insects, and botanical gardens. We stuck to the indoor stuff due to the rain, but it was still so awesome! Very cool place to have a birthday.

Love these ladies! Kennedy is so so good with Indiana. She loves babies!

Indiana was far more into eating her hands than checking out the butterflies. Understandable.

Kristy made both the cakes, including the butterflies! They were red velvet (minus the food coloring ;)) with cream cheese icing! Brendon's favorite! It was real yummy. Have I mentioned I like cake?

And this next photo is real grainy but...

That face. Can't handle the cute! Kennedy put the butterfly ears(?) on Indiana and then was giving Uncle Brendon a choker necklace from the paper off a Fruit by the Foot. As you do.

Uno mas, because I just can't help myself.

Anyway, we love being just two hours from Dallas! Indiana naps so well in the car, so it's the perfect nap time trip. Love being able to see our Dallas ladies more often!

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