Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day weekend

My first Mother's Day! Woo! I love this holiday. It's the best. We spent the weekend with just the three of us and although we missed our mamas, it was just what we needed. We had the most relaxing weekend puttering around on little adventures with no plans at all. I love no plans.

Saturday we went to Cameron and Rogers which are two of the many little (tiny) towns surrounding Temple. And we found a courthouse! I have a slight obsession with courthouses, and this one was real pretty!

This is the Milam courthouse in Cameron. The weather was fab so we stopped and wandered around. In case you're wondering there is pretty much nothing else to do in downtown Cameron. It's pretty much abandoned, at least on the weekends. But the courthouse is a winner! Oh and they do have this historic old jail house/castle that is a museum now!

And as we seem to do wherever we go, we found some cats! Two little kitties, I think they were bf/gf. Very sweet.

I spy... a Bruce Wayne! And man, those trees! Texas is so green right now, I love it.

After visiting the very empty town of Cameron we stopped by the Walker Honey Farm and Dancing Bee Winery in Rogers. I highly recommend this place, it was so so neat! They have honey, honey products, mead, and wine. We did a little tasting. I wasn't a huge fan, because mead and honey wine is, duh, sweet, and I am not a fan of sweet wine. But Brendon, that boy looooves sweet drinks. Does it taste like juice? He's into it.

They also have a very good food truck outside; wood oven pizza, small plates, and sandwiches.

Seriously this place is the perfect little weekend adventure. And the weather was phenomenal. This sky!

On actual Mother's Day we mostly just chilled. Brendon special ordered some vegetarian kolaches from a little place here in Temple for breakfast, so that rocked. And then we went to Waco for some good coffee and lunch! And ice cream. Because the ice cream place (Heritage Creamery) next door to the coffee shop (Common Grounds) opened before the coffee shop? What? Good stuff though, they had all sorts of fun flavors. I got a cookie since I'm a Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla or nothing at all girl.

Pretty sweet set up. Ice cream and coffee. They're right on Baylor Campus, perfect study hangouts. There were SO MANY students there, and since we got there before they opened we walked in to a line out the door. They were poppin'! I'd suggest maybe they open earlier on Sundays? It's a very cool place though. A little grungy for my coffee shop snob taste, but their coffee is delish and the place is cute. Very eclectic, lots of fun vintage furniture. And the people who own this place were on Fixer Upper! I'm obsessed with that show and Joanna and Chip have only fueled my love of Waco. We'll eventually get to the Magnolia Silos but helllllnah not on a weekend.

My baby bear. Forever chewing on her fingers. Goodness do I love that little girl. And what a good weekend we had! After Waco we went home and vegged on the couch while little homie took a biiiig ol' nap on me and then we had dinner (pastaaaaa) at home. Happy happy happy. Super thankful to have such a wonderful little family that spoils me rotten.

And did I mention I love Mother's Day? It really is the best! Motherhood is something to be celebrated. Big time. I mean, I've always thought that but now... now I know. Being a mama is harrrd and intense and wonderful. I have so so so much adoration and respect for my mom. She's the greatest mom in the world (obviously) and I have a lot of "what would my mom do" moments these days. I'm hoping I've gotten some of her mama magic in my genes. And man, do I LOVE being a mama. I never expected to love it this much, it is one of the many things about motherhood that took me by surprise. I am not one of those folks who knew they were meant for motherhood, but I am so thankful to have gotten the chance and I adore being Indiana's mom. She is the greatest and so sweet and CUTE and just the best bundle of squishy joy. Sometimes I look at her and I can't even believe that she's mine! And I'm hers! What is life?! And I've been watching SO much Gilmore Girls lately and isn't that just the best thing to watch with your daughter napping on your chest? GAH, we are going to have so much fun. So many adventures to go on together. And Brendon can come too, because he's the best dad ever. But we'll talk about that next month. ;)

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