Monday, May 23, 2016

Four months

What the what this last month flewwww by! I feel like last week I was taking her three month photos. It's been a wild but fun month for the Hogans. Lots of weekend adventures which is both exhausting and wonderful. Gah, I love weekends.

Four months of Indiana! Crazy crazy crazy. She's fourteen pounds of wiggle. Mostly wearing 6 month stuff, but occasionally I'll squeeze her into 3. She's pretty much got her head all under control, tummy time is much more fun, and she wants so badly to sit up on her own. Totally over just laying on her back. She likes to "stand" all the time; when you try to put her in your lap she'll lock her legs to stand on you instead. She's started getting reeeal frustrated when she's unable to move her body how she'd like. She does this real cute exorcist move where she arches her back to scoot, it's awesome. She's rolled from tummy to back a few times, but generally seems disinterested in rolling. But when she does it she does it like it ain't no thang! Smiles all day long, and has started making happy dinosaur screeches. Which obviously kills me. Oh and she's started wrapping her arms around me when I pick her up. Mostly for physical support I'm sure, but ooooh do I love it. :)

This last month of life has been the most challenging so far. I mean, maybe aside from the sleep deprivation of the newborn days. Indiana has been developing like crazy, learning new things everyday. But with that comes some growing pains, for both of us. There was a week or so when she hated nursing. Every time I offered she'd start crying. And then she was grouchy because she was hungry. That sucked. And then there was a week or so of eating ALL the time. And in the past few weeks she's just been fussier than normal. She needs almost constant entertainment and seems to get bored easily. I mean, makes sense. You start being able to appreciate the world around you and then you're like, "Yo mom, I'm sick of sitting on the couch!" So we've been walking outside a lot, going on Target and Starbucks dates, and playing a whole bunch. Also she recently decided to go from mostly waking up once a night to eat, to twice (at least). Hungry little hippo. Also maybe some four month sleep regression? Whomp, whomp. I got real spoiled and now I'm a sleepy mess.

But I mean, even when she's fussy she's still the happiest baby. Every morning when I grab her out of her crib she is pure sunshine. She's so alert and so aware of everything around her. She smiles when you say her name and the other day I think I taught her to make a "kissy" face. And she KNOWS us now. I die every time she smiles at me from across the room. She's into touching stuff and grabs things better everyday. And everything goes straight into her mouth. Chewing (and drooling) on stuff is her fave. No signs of teeth yet! Thankfully. Not ready to start that adventure. She's just such a big baby! She's grown and changed so much in the four short months since she arrived. She's four months going on two years.

Also dangerously cute. The developmental changes are astounding these days. Indiana is growing and learning before our eyes, and it's both heartbreaking and so awesome. Before we know it, driving. College! My little baby. She's wonderful. A handful for sure, but wonderful. I love her. A LOT. Did you know? ;)

Flashback to one, two, and three months!

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