Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Anniversary in Austin

This past Saturday we celebrated our five year anniversary with a trip to Austin! This is the first time we've really hung out in Austin together since we moved. And boy was it overdue! We started out with lunch at Counter Culture, which I think is my favorite place to eat in Austin?? ALL vegan! Which means we can order whatever we want!! And it's all so so good. We did not eat there enough when we lived so close! After lunch we hit up Juice Land for a smoothie and then took a walk on the boardwalk. Which brought back lots of memories of miles and miles and MILES of running on the trail. Dang I miss that trail.

Squishy face!!!

After our walk we hit up Once Over for some good coffee. Temple is severely lacking in the coffee department. Another thing I miss about Austin, decent coffee everywhere!

After coffee we hit up the mall and then scooted on back up northward home. We grabbed Italian takeout for dinner and I think we were all in bed by 8:30. Wild night, as usual.

It was a really good day! So much fun. I'm glad we went to Austin, I think it's something we need to do more often for sure. The drive really isn't that bad, if you don't hit traffic. If you hit traffic it's hellish. It was fun hanging out in our old haunts, this time with a baby! Showing Indy where her parents used to pretend they were cool. I do miss Austin, a lot. Sometimes I think I'm over it, but y'all, I'm not. It's a very awesome place and we were very happy there. We spent most of our married life there! Lots of love in that city. Maybe one day we'll end up back there. Maybe not. Who knows! :)

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