Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Georgetown Red Poppy Festival

A couple weekends ago Brendon worked a shift at the Georgetown CVS and someone was like, yo you should go to this festival! (Also the drummer from Aerosmith came in?) Anyway, apparently there's a Red Poppy Festival. And apparently there are a lot of Red Poppies in Georgetown. None at the actual festival, which I found odd. But someone missed the turn to downtown so we took a scenic route and saw a ton of red poppies! All over peoples' yards! The story goes (or what someone told Brendon) is a soldier sent some seeds back to Georgetown from Europe in one of the World Wars and his mom planted them and now they're everywhere. They really are very pretty! I just still think it was weird there were no poppies at the festival. Lots of vendors and music though!

Homegirl mostly slept through the whole thing.

Georgetown has a very cute downtown! I think it has won awards. Their courthouse is actually not that cute as far as Texas courthouses go, but the buildings around the square are all adorable and in good shape. And occupied! A lot of smaller Texas towns have fairly abandoned downtown areas. Not that Georgetown counts as a small Texas town, but still. It was nice to see a town square thriving. Downtown Temple on the other hand, mostly abandoned.

This is my "omg what is sunlight, I am burning alive" face. Featuring firefighters. :)

After meandering through downtown we stopped at Monument Cafe on the way back to our car for a late lunch, it was yummy! Also pretty cute. I'd highly recommend.

Georgetown was fun! I've never actually been in the town before, I'm glad we checked it out. It's just down the road (aka the devilish stretch of highway known as I35) from us, we'll have to go back sometime!


  1. There is a lunch place I think y'all would love! It's called Nancy's Sky Garden and is in the tall building across from Cafe Monument. It's on the top floor and has a rooftop patio. It's mostly vegetarian with a couple of meat choices but it's like Asian salads, wraps and rolls. So good!

    1. Oh that sounds perfect!! We will have to roll down there soon and try it. Thanks for the scoop!