Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wildflowers forever

This is a fully cliche Texan thing to do, but I could care less. There's this spectacular field of bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes right down the road from us, the kind of field that makes you gasp when you drive past it. The wildflowers this year are phenomenal. So we did what everyone else was doing; parked on the side of the road and wandered into the field for photos. Because a baby is even more a reason to take photos in a field of flowers.

Ideally I would have done this in early morning light, but we went at 5pm so the sun was brutal. As you can tell by all our faces. We did this super quickly since we are all vampires and we catch on fire in the sun, especially that little one. She was over it as soon as we got out of the car. She was like what the heck there's no way I'm opening my eyes. So it was rushed little photo session, but I still love it.


We carefully chose a little spot with no bluebonnets to sit. Because squashing a bluebonnet is a crime, right?

Our family selfie game is still not strong. But we will never give up.

And omg, these two give me all the heart eyes:

Spring in Texas, y'all! It's a real winner! Every spring I'm like, oh yeah. THIS is why I live here. Texas has its many faults, but it sure is heavenly to look at in the spring time.

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