Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday AJ!

 Yesterday was my little brother-in-law's 10th birthday! Congrats Mr. AJ, you're into the double digits! I can't believe he's TEN. When Brendon and I first started dating he was only 4 years old! He's grown up into such a sweet and handsome young man. I seriously think he might beat his brother out on height, he's going to be tall.

AJ had the coolest birthday party ever. He had it at Jellystone Park (like Yogi bear-ed out) out in Canyon Lake. It was a pretty cool place! They have a game room, a bounce pad, pools, a playground, these peddle go-cart things, and lots of space to run around. I'm pretty sure everyone had a blast, including the adults! It was a refreshing little escape from life and wonderful to hang out with family for a day. 

 Cutest brothers ever.

 Hangin' out with Yogi

Riding around on the peddle carts! Those things were pretty neat, but a lot of work to get up hills when you're as lazy as I am. Brendon and I rode around on a two-seater and he definitely did the brunt of the peddling.

It was really a great day and we were sad to have to head back to Austin and real life. I'm ready for Brendon to be on Christmas break. Pharmacy school is rough! Brendon is working so hard, I feel like he never gets a chance to relax. On top of studying like crazy constantly there's always extra things he has to go do for school. He'll be at school from 9-6:30 and then he comes home, I force him to eat dinner, and then he studies until who knows when (I'm a weenie and go to bed before he does).  And then he works on the weekends! I think he's going to start only working one day a weekend every other weekend so he'll have a day off to breathe. I wish I could help him out! Unfortunately all I really do is distract him. Poo on you pharmacy school, you better go by quickly. I miss hanging out with my husband. BUT, it will be worth it and four years from now we'll be laughing about these days and how ridiculous they were and how glad we are that we got through them. 

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