Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fixin' this place up

Hello y'all! How was your weekend? Mine was great! It rained (sprinkled), I got lots of time with Mr. H, and I finally started making our apartment look more like a home and less like a giant dorm room. I think for a while I was kind of in denial about living here long term and refused to decorate. But I am over it! Kind of.

Hung up some pictures all crazy style, no measuring involved. And for me that's a feat, because when it comes to hanging things I'm usually pretty neurotic. We just have this ridiculous long wall in our living room and I needed something to take up a lot of it. So I hung every picture we have with a black frame. Super creative, I know. Brendon had been giving me crap about not hanging pictures (they were all still packed up) so BOOYA. Two birds with one stone. This covers about half of the giant wall, no clue what we'll do with the other half.

Aaaand I made a table runner for our huge coffee table!

Isn't this the prettiest fabric? Plaid is pretty much my favorite color. Jk, it's blue. But seriously I love plaid. Hipsters may have tried to kill it, but I will always be loyal. So anyway, I was at Joann's, which is a dangerous place for me, and I was walking up to the register with this other cheapo plaid fabric in my arms, when I saw this fabric and it said to me, "Marie, put that crap down and come get serious with me. I'm beautiful." And of course I grabbed it. I think it's the kind of fabric you reupholster chairs with. It's fancy. So fancy that it broke the needle on my sewing machine and it scared me so bad I almost peed my pants. Lesson learned, there are different sized needles for different thicknesses of fabric. I justified the splurge on the fact that not only are they fall colors, but also Christmas colors, and I'm thinking we'll just end up using it year round. Brendon did not see my logic. Whatever.

We also got a new bookshelf! Our movies finally filled up our previous one and we lost our other bookshelf in the move (don't buy bookshelves from walmart, they're about as sturdy as copier paper) so we headed on up to ikea to get another to match. What's that? You noticed there are a couple shelves missing? That's because ikea is the antichrist. They are always magically out of what we go there for. That shelf only comes with four shelves (which is moronic) so we needed to buy an extra two which is no biggie because they're only 5 bucks. But of course! They are completely out of those shelves in black/brown. And to order them online would cost $23 for shipping alone. SERIOUSLY? $23 for two $5 shelves? I'm assuming they're coming straight from Sweden and are wrapped gold. We had the same experience with that coffee table up there. It took us three trips to ikea before it was in stock. The second trip we checked online and it definitely said they were in stock so we trek over and NOPE. Not there. This would not be a big deal except ikea is always a good half hour drive both from our old place in Denton and us now. NOT CONVENIENT. Okay, sorry about all that, I really do like ikea. A little. END IKEA RANT.

And for your (my) enjoyment, here is a picture of my sweet man studying for pharmacy school. Obviously he loves having his picture taken. He sent me a text today that said, "I can't wait to have you bug me while I study tonight". Worst wife of the year award goes toooooooo.....


  1. Greg! He wins worst wife! I love you pookie! I didn't stay up all night killing zombies! I was good and made myself stop playing! I hope I didn't keep you up.

  2. I'm glad you decorated! It does make it feel more homey covering up boring bare walls. I am STILL trying to get our new apartment in order and we moved over a week ago. Our pictures and such are still in boxes... it's driving me nuts looking at all these plain walls. Our apartment has slightly off white colored walls so they are screaming for some color or something to spruce them up a little. It's difficult trying to get anything done when I have a two hour window to be productive while Kennedy naps. At this rate we'll be unpacked and decorated right in time to move again, haha. P.S. I like that "Keep Calm and Kill Zombies" sign above Brendon's desk. It's a refreshing spin on that "... Carry On" decor fad going around. Misssss you!!!

  3. Our walls are stark white, they're terrible. Not cute at all. And after almost 4 months I think we're finally completely unpacked. There might be some boxes in the closet, but I refuse to acknowledge them if they're there haha. So glad you guys are into the new place! You'll have to post pictures when you're all settled in, if Kennedy gives you a break. I'm sure she'd help you if you asked ;). We miss you guys tons too!!!