Saturday, September 3, 2011


Today for work I got to tailgate at the UT game and give out frosty samples of our ice blendeds. It was fun! It was very hot, but there was this wicked breeze and luckily we were in the shade. Traffic wasn't nearly as bad as I thought either. It was a little nuts at a couple points (people just walk down the middle of the street, apparently UT fans are not afraid of being hit by cars), but really much better than I imagined. It was a neat experience, there were soooo many people there. It was like a Cowboy's game or something. Probably even crazier. I want actually go in and watch a game sometime. We drove by the stadium and it looks so intense all filled up. Even my little cynical self was feeling some team spirit.

So to counteract my desire to attend a football game, let's talk about something that irks me about UT. From my short time working by campus, from what I've gathered via Brendon, and my tailgating experience today, I've come to a conclusion about UT students: everyone likes to match. Dressing the same is a "thing" at UT, like an unofficial dress code. Girls and boys are both guilty of this, but girls do the bulk of it. The most interesting matching phenomenons are: cowboy boots and shorts/skirts/dresses and the nike running shorts with baggy t-shirts. I encountered the former today for the first time and was pretty astounded. I think it must be a football game thing because almost every single girl was sporting cowboy boots. Don't get me wrong, I love me some cowboy boots every now and then, but it was super hot and all these girls are wearing boots. With shorts/dresses. And walking long distances too. Their feet must hate them afterwards. And everyone has these burnt orange t-shirt material dresses (some of which are not cute, some aren't too bad). Matchy, matchy, matchy. And the nike running shorts baggy t-shirt combo is my biggest pet peeve. It drives me crazy. Sooo many girls wear this everyday on campus. I will see seriously like 8 of them walking together and all wearing the same thing in different color variations. Do they realize they're all dressed the same? You know those girls don't run. And it is not a flattering ensemble. Plus those shorts are not cheap, how can they afford so many pairs?? (daddy's money) I could go on for years about how much this bugs me and how silly it is. It makes no sense.

Buuut, I guess I can't really talk because I basically live in the same four sundresses, denim shorts, and v-neck t-shirts. We all could use with a little mixing up of our wardrobes. But at least I'm not trying to coordinate with my amigos. I think that went out of style in 2nd grade.

Last night Brendon tried to teach me some pharmacy school stuff. He was drawing amino acid formulas and trying to get me to guess them. What? I barely even know what an amino acid is. He's so smart it scares me sometimes.

Sorry for the lack of pictures lately, I've been a lazy blogger. I've just been such a sleepy head this past week. All I think about is sleeping. Mmmm my bed sounds like a good place to be right now.

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