Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thrifting in Austin

Okay, so you know Austin. It's weird, it's "hip", and retro is in. Naturally there are a ton of vintage/thrift stores everywhere. We ventured out to a few pretty cool ones today. I've recently became interested in collecting old pyrex, so I've been on the look out for places that might carry it.

First we went to Hogwild. They have a bunch of vintage furniture, homegoods, and some fabulous clothing from the 50's-70's. This is where I found one of the cutest and sweetest dresses ever. It was beautiful. It was white with thin vertical baby blue embroidered stripes, I should have taken a picture. It was the perfect length, not too short but not so long it looked frumpy. The perfect summer dress. I was IN love with this dress. And it fit me perfectly... except in my.. chest area. I couldn't get the zipper to shut and I was in danger of busting off the adorable cute oversized button it had in the front. I was seriously devastated and had a little minor melt down in the dressing room. I thought maaaybe I could alter it to fit, but there was no way. So if there is some tiny little lady out there in need of a fabulously fun wardrobe addition, this dress is waiting for you, go get it. Or I will buy it and just stare at it in my closet. My dream dress not fitting got me a little down, but I did find these FANTASTIC shoes:

They are the best. Little baby oxfords! I don't know a lot about shoes but I think they're vintage and they're Salvatore Ferragamo. And they say "Made in Italy" on them. Fancy! They are incredibly comfortable (like the softest leather I've ever felt on shoes) and fit me like a glove. And they say if the shoe fits... obviously wear that nonsense. The only problem with them is the insole is not attached so it comes out every time you take them off. I feel like that is easily fixable (super glue?) and if you have any ideas on the best way to do so, please share! I am sooo excited for fall to come so I can wear these and not have my feet sweat to death. Until then, I may or may not be wearing them around the house.

Next we went to Ermine Vintage which was more 80's-90's styling. I'm not really a fan of that kind of stuff, but it was definitely very entertaining to look at. They had some crazy dresses in there, puffed sleeves was only the beginning.

Our last stop, and original destination, was Room Service Vintage. This place was super cool. It was a lot like the first place but way bigger with way more stuff. They had a TON of awesome furniture (think velvet everything) that was in great shape. They also had pyrex! Mostly overpriced and damaged pyrex, but they had a couple pieces that were in good shape. I got the cutest little bowl. We probably paid too much for it, but it was calling my name.

Look at those stripes! Too cute. Yes I am calling a bowl cute. Don't judge me. I foresee eating guacamole out of this little baby.

On the way home Brendon and I discussed this new interest of mine (he's not too thrilled) and decided that our best bet would be garage and estate sales. Pyrex is a pretty common household staple in America and I'm out to find it on the cheap. Antique and vintage stores tend to mark it up like crazy because it's collectable, I saw some seriously gnarly bowls at that place for like $25. Get outa here with that! Garage/estate sales are probably our best bet. People who just want to get rid of their stuff and quick, I'm coming for your pyrex!

Brendon got a little tie clip while on our expedition. We found a bunch of neat ones (like one with a wellsfargo wagon on it!) but they were all gold and Brendon just can't pull off gold. A lot of people can't pull of gold actually. Including me. I think he may have been a little down about just getting a tie clip. There were tons of cool guys shoes but he has sasquatch feet so none of them seemed to be his size. Plus I made him look at pyrex. Poor baby! Next time we'll find more boy things. I did see him eying a bunch of vintage Playboys...


  1. Vintaging! How fun! I bet Austin is a great place to find such unique things. We miss you mucho! <3

  2. Yep, Austin's full of old stuff, there are SO many vintage shops everywhere. Just gotta find the ones that aren't charging an arm and a leg. We miss you too!!! So glad you guys have a blog!

  3. I went through a similar stage collecting vintage bowls and plates. eBay is a good place to look. Or try some estate sales...

  4. Thanks, that's a good idea! I'll have to check eBay out for sure.