Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Recent life in the Hogan world

What a busy past few days it's been! This weekend my sweet sister-in-law Lisa and her daughter Gracelyn came up to visit. Sunday Brendon's mom and his little bro AJ came up as well to join the festivities. It was a fun weekend!

Sunday we all went to Build-a-Bear workshop. Gracelyn is a pro at building those babies and AJ had never been, it was good fun all around. Brendon and I even made one.

 Bevo the longhorn, Violet the cat, and Boo-Boo Jr. the weenie dog. AJ's weenie dog was too cute, he's a chef! I think he may have been my fav.

 Brendon and Bevo the jedi longhorn (we're so weird). I like to call him Bevo-Wan Kenobi. How cute are those horns sticking out of the hood!? Also, I want to mention that more than once I've caught Brendon cuddling with Bevo on the couch.

Gracelyn was pretty sneaky with those bunny ears. Also, I am super jealous of G's tan.

 Can you tell they're all related? They look so much alike!

 Such a cute picture. They love him to death.

There are about 5 versions of this photo and in each one of us is making a weird face. This was the best of the group.

 Greg may or may not be in love with Bevo.
AND I FINISHED THE BLANKET! This project turned out to be a little more expensive than I would have liked (never pay full price for anything at Joann's), but I love it all the same. I have no idea if this is how you're really supposed to make a blanket/quilt/whatever, but I just used what I knew about sewing and how I thought blankets worked. And it turned out pretty good if I say so myself!

 And it's super comfy! We'll see how it survives the first encounter with the washing machine.

 Please don't mind the fact that it matches absolutely nothing in our bedroom. I don't think that blanket matches anything in existance actually.

And of course I had to date this bad boy so when Brendon and I are 94 we can look back on our younger days and laugh about how weird I was for making a blanket. Oh yeah and we got married this year.

AAANNNDDD remember when I said our oven was ridiculous? Well we had maintenance come look at it a week or so ago and this is what we came home to today:
A BRAND NEW OVEN!!!!!!!! BRAND NEW OVEN Y'ALL. AHHHHHHH IT'S LIKE FREAKING CHRISTMAS! Two big burners! And a window to look into the oven! And it's white and not 70's cream color! And a towel bar! And I'm sure it doesn't burn everything! I'm beyond excited if you can't tell. Our apartment just redeemed itself quite a bit.

All in all it's been a pretty good few days. I also found out some good news yesterday. I'm too nervous about jinxing my luck so I wont spill until things are finalized. But I am excited! Sorry this was such a long post! Not blogging for 5 days = a lot to summarize.

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