Tuesday, August 23, 2011

White coated!

My sweet husband is now officially in pharmacy school! He received his white coat yesterday. Our families and I went to a family orientation beforehand. It was incredibly informative, and all I can say is he has his work cut out for him! These next four years are not going to be easy, but I have no doubt he will be successful and I'll be here by his side for tons of support.

I love this man so much. After we got home last night after all the festivities he surprised me with a trip to the spa to get a mani-pedi. What?! Presents for me when he's the one working so hard and being a badass on the daily?? How did I land this fantastic man? I do not deserve him but I am so glad I've got him and I'm never letting go. LOVE LOVE LOVE him. We've been apart all day, for the longest time in a while, I worked at 5:30 this morning and he wont be done with school stuff until 10 tonight. So today I'm having a girls day. After I got off work I took a nice little nap, then went to get my nails did, stopped by sonic to get a yummy blue powerade, came home and made myself some pasta, and am now curled up on the couch watching the Sound of Music with a beer. Pretty good day if you ask me! Brendon is definitely missing out.

So while I was at the spa today the lady doing my nails saw my rings and says, "Oh! You married?! I thought you very young!" I laughed and told her I am pretty young and that I'm 23. She then says, "Oh I thought you like 17!". Say what girlfriend? I enjoy looking young and all but 17? Jeeze. I'm sure I'd love to hear that 10 years from now, but I'm a little sad that I give the impression of a high school aged girl.

Now, lets talk about the Sound of Music. This movie is so legit. One of my all time favorite (maybe THE favorite) movies. I know every song by heart and have watched it probably hundreds of times. When I was little I used to spin around in the little field below our house pretending I was Maria singing "the hills are alive with the sound of music". Sound of Music for life y'all. Those shots of Austria and Salzburg at the beginning? TAKE ME THERE NOW. Captain von Trapp? You can whistle at me anytime. And Julie Andrews is such a boss. That voice! You go girl. Also I may or may not have seriously thought of naming my children (if I were to have any) after the von Trapp kids. Brigitta, Liesl, Marta and Gretl, SO CUTE! Is that weird? Yes. It is.

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