Thursday, August 4, 2011

Book worms

Yesterday we ventured to Half Price Books to get a couple movies (Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2) and some books. I'd been hankering for some Wuthering Heights, and on that note we decided to walk down memory lane and purchase some required reading from high school. Since I hated life in high school and did absolutely as little work as I could get away with, which wasn't hard, I didn't really "read" these books (except for Wuthering Heights, even my angsty teen self enjoyed it), I just skimmed them for what I needed for quizzes etc. So Brendon and I decided to re-read these classics, I feel like we owe it to them now that we're older and less stupid.  And we got them all for just a few dollars, Huckleberry Finn was 25 cents! Obviously Sophie is planning on reading them as well.

I thought I'd leave you with some photos of little Gregory. I tried to snap some of Sophie (aside from just her feet) but she is so hard to photograph. Not only does she turn her head JUST as you take the photo, her fur is ridiculously soft and weird and catches light in the strangest way. It's more like feathers than fur. Photos never do her justice.

Is Greg not the most photogenic cat ever? He is adorable and he knows it, look at him work it for the camera. He's lucky he's cute too because sometimes (a lot of times) he's a little asshole, like when he screams in the bathroom at 6am. But he's the sweetest cat I've ever met and certainly one of the prettiest. LOOK AT THOSE BLUE EYES! GAHHH.

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