Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Xterra

Sunday the Xterra and I hit a big milestone, 150,000 miles. Since this is kind of a big deal for a car, and driver, I thought we'd take a walk down memory lane and look back on some of the great times the Xterra and I have had.

Looking very pretty on our old property back in NB.

I had always wanted an xterra. I remember seeing them on TV when they first came out and saying, "I'm going to get one of those!". Little did I know. It was the third car I test drove, and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. I got my xterra when I was 15, I turned 16 the next month so I had to continue to catch rides with my momma while my dream car was sitting in the garage begging to be driven. Once I was legal to drive, we drove EVERYWHERE. I jumped at any excuse to drive anywhere, and when you live out in the woods like we did these were not short drives. But back in the day it took me like $25 to fill my tank (now it takes somewhere around $65) so I wasn't worried.

I was obsessed with my car. It was and still is my baby. I didn't let anyone else drive it for the longest time. Brendon was one of the lucky few.

Us going to prom. I definitely put bows and ribbons on the front of the car, she had to be dressed up too.

Me and this baby have driven A LOT together. We've been all over Texas and COUNTLESS times back and forth from Denton to NB. The summer after we graduated high school Brendon, the Xterra, and I took a road trip to California. Probably the craziest and most unsafe thing I've ever done (I was a wild little teenager), but it was also one of the most fun. And the Xterra was a champ.

Relaxing by the grand canyon.

The Xterra has also kept me very safe. We've never gotten into an accident (knocking on wood!!!), although we did slide down a back road on an oil slick. We ended up in a little ditch with two wheels off the ground facing up the hill, but all without a scratch to me or the Xterra, our scariest moment together no doubt.

We've had tons of fun driving though rain, hail, and snow. The winter weather got the best of us though this year, after a serious ice storm and days of snow on top of that, my poor baby couldn't get out of the parking lot. It might look like it has 4-wheel drive, but it most definitely does not.
Poor frozen baby, stuck in our parking lot for a week.

The only work I've had done was replacing the brake pads, a tune up, and an ac line or something. Unfortunately, she's feeling her age these days. Something makes a terrible grinding noise when I make sharp turns, my ac is barely hanging in there, and the cruise control died. I wish we could afford to take her in to see what's wrong and get her all fixed up. And she's all dirty from parking under trees, bird poop and berries all over. But she starts and runs everyday. And although it may take a minute or two to get to 60mph, she gets me where I need to go and I hope so very much that she continues to do so for many years to come. Because not only can we definitely not afford a new car right now, she's my baby and I want to keep her for as long as possible. She's my dream car.

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