Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pharm life

How cute are these shelves/cabinets in the pharmacy building at UT? This beauty is just chillin' in the hallway between classrooms and offices. There are tons of old shelves and displays like these around the building, this is the biggest I've seen. They have all kinds of old apothecary jars and such all over them and are made out of the most beautiful wood. I love it! They started the pharmacy school in 1893, so neat! It is ranked as the 4th best pharmacy school in the nation by some important source, but I forgot who. Newsweek? I donno. Obviously I am living vicariously through Brendon and am pretending that I am also a student at UT. We went to a mixer thingy tonight and I got to meet some of his many friends he's already made. They are all so sweet! He knows everyone, he's such a charmer.

I am sleepy. I am tired. I am worn out. I've been having some (understatement) health issues. I'm not going to go into it (if you know me well enough you're aware of most of it) but I've been having stomach pain problems for the past few years. And today was the worst it's ever been. It's getting to the point where it is GREATLY effecting my quality of life so I guess it's time to see a doctor again. Hopefully this time it will be a bit more successful and less expensive. I seriously dislike doctors. Pharmacists are much better.

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