Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baby Greg

Forgive me while I have a crazy cat lady moment, but isn't little Greg the sweetest?! I have never met a more affectionate, or weirder, cat. He LOVES to be pet, held, cuddled, kissed, and he will nuzzle and rub on you until the end of time. This is his happy place, curled up in my arms, purring/hyperventilating like no ones business. He's so sweet! Unfortunately he has dual personalities and turns into a little wiener whenever unfamiliar folks are around. However lately he's been getting pretty brave and coming out to investigate after only a few minutes of hiding. He can't stay away from potential petters! This is not the case with children though, especially those who are loud, which most children are. Greg can't hang with the kiddos. Sophie on the other hand is a champ. I think the only thing she's scared of is the vacuum.

In non-cat lady news, it is still a million degrees outside. September is just a few days away and I'm hoping it brings cooler weather at some point. Puh-puh-puh-lease Texas? Just let us get out of the 100+ degree days and back down to the 90's at least.

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