Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sick and tired

Jeeze I am beat. Between my body attempting to commit mutiny and consistently getting up before the butt crack of dawn, I am physically and mentally exhausted. I love me some morning shifts but damn, I can't wait to sleep in this weekend. I open the store tomorrow and then it's sleep fest 2011 for the next few days.

Actually before I can get my sleep on, I have a doctors appointment after work tomorrow. Have I told you that I'm not a huge fan of doctors? Seriously y'all. I'm nervous. It's a new doctor and I have to give my schpeel on what's wrong with me. Again. And Brendon is not going with me. He usually accompanies me to the doctor because I'm a weenie and he's a sweetheart. He's also good at saying what I wont. He says I have a tendency to make things seem like not a big deal when they are. So tomorrow I've got to man up and tell this new doc whats up. And hopefully she'll fix me, or at least make an honest effort. And be nice to me. My last stomach specialist seemed to not give an eff about what was wrong with me, which was not cool because she was not cheap. In an effort to save moola I'm just seeing a family doctor tomorrow. I don't really have high hopes. I've been on a gazillion medicines and had bunches of tests, I seem to be unfixable. Where's Dr. House when you need him? But, let's be optimistic. Maybe she'll have the answer. Cross your fingers for me tomorrow y'all, I'm tired of feeling like poo. I want to have a normal functioning body, what's that like?

Also, I have a feeling I'm not going to see my husband much until December. Pharmacy school = your whole life. Buh. This week has been rough. I need to keep thinking positive.

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